Halloween Creations
#Folk Art, # Halloween Art, #Spooky, # Frankenstein

# Folk Art Witch, #Halloween Decor

I am currently putting together some of my favorite past creations for your   viewing pleasure.

I hope you will enjoy your stroll in the world of magical & whimsical creations of Dianie Mac :)

Halloween Designs.
( All Sold )

Skelly Ornament. Paper clay over foil.

 #ghosts, # Gourd ornament, #Creative paper clay,

Paper mache treat box.  Paper clay, glitters.

Goofy Monster ornament. Paper clay, mohair.

# witch. # Creative Paperclay, #Halloween

Halloween Magic! 1st place People choice award, 1st place 3-D art in our local art show.

Lil' Batty. paper clay Ornament.

Lil' Devil and pumpkinboo Candy containers.

Ghost Ornament.

Spider Queen.

Old Witch Best friends treat box.

Clinger.. lil' devil.

#Folk Art Witch , # Creative PaperClay, #Apoxie sculpt.

Bugs and kisses candy box

JOL sculpted onto a gourd

# Folk art Halloween  #Igor

a Dracula welcome

Witchy spider candy box

Scarey scarecrow candy box

Gypsy # Halloween, #Witch, # Folk art

Tori's carving...   air dry clays
3-d canvas art. paper clay, apoxie ,canvas

Dracula... 3-d canvas, paper clay, apoxie sculpt.

Veggi man.. paper clay, gourd,indian corn

Mummy... paper clay, gourd

The Black widow.  paper clay

# Folkart Witch, # Creative paperclay

Halloween clown. paper clay, gourd

Frankie.   paper clay

Along for the ride.  Paper clay,gourd

"BOO" paper clay on gourd

trick *r* treat

Wish Upon a Moon Witch.  paper clay 
Spooky Scarecrow.  acrylic on canvas
 Folk art  Halloween Witch!  # Creative paperclay
#Folk Art Witch .   Apoxie sculpt

A few of my favorite past Snowmen.

Whimsical dancing snowman ( paper clay ).

Happy Holidays Snowmen. ( Paper clay on canvas ).

Fun in the Snow, snowman. ( gourd, Apoxie Sculpt ).

Be mine Snowman. ( gourd, Apoxie Sculpt ).

" Got Coffee " Snowman. ( Gourd, paper clay ).

Cupid Snowman. ( acrylic paints on old glass whiskey flask ).

Snowman candy container. ( gourd, Apoxie Sculpt ).

Snowman Candy container. ( Gourd, Apoxie Sculpt ).

Snowman Candy Container. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

 Snowman Ornament. ( gourd, acrylic paint ).

Star spangled eyes snowman 4th of July. ( paper clay ).

Joy snowman. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Willow, snow-girl. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Valentine Snow-girl. ( paper clay ).

Colorful, whimsical Snowman.

Silly little snowman. ( Apoxie sculpt ).

Cutie pie snowman. ( paper clay ).

Snowball. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Snowman ornament. ( paper Clay ).

Prim snowman ornament. ( paper clay ).

Winking Snowman ornament. ( Paper clay ).

Peace snowman. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Joy snowman. ( paper mache, paper clay ).

Fluffy Snowman.- paper clay


   more snowmen...

Happy Snowman... Paper clay
Valentine snowgirl candy container -paper clay
Snowball fairy- paper clay
Candy cane snowman- gourd,paper clay
Snowflake-paper clay
Snowman make-do...., paper clay

Friends, if you have made it this far through my gallery of past work, you may need a lil' break for a cup of your favorite brew
and a little snack.

Santa- paper clay
Santa and snowman- gourd, carved
An american santa- paper clay
Spring Santa- Carved gourd

Got yer' Hat Santa- paper clay, Apoxie sculpt

Santa-paper clay

One world, One heart Santa- paper clay, apoxie sculpt
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