Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Popping in after a long break and a WIP..

Well, hello my long lost friends..
 I've had a long break since my last post. I had a knee replacement and once healed, started a new full time job. I've been trying to find a balance between Job, family and Art. It's been a juggling act, and seriously I'm failing on the art end of things. So, I thought I would join a challenge from the FB group Every Witch Way Lane. The idea is to incorporate a  " Witches Hat, Broomstick and Black Cat".

I thought I would share my progress along the way....

                                                         My rough sketch...
                            This piece will be for my home. I sell all of my art, but I have really wanted a unique Halloween candy stand for a long time and I haven't found what I'm looking for , so I'm gonna make it :)

I was really wanting wooden bowls, but couldn't find the right size at the thrift store.. I did however find these purple bowls in just the right sizes. Adhering paper clay to plastic is not ideal if you want it to stick forever.. It needs a little help.

1. Using paper towels, I cut a circle for each bowl. then set them aside.

2. I covered the bowls with a thin coat of E-6000...

3. Then applied the paper towel circle over the E-6000 covered bowl..smoothing it out... allowed to dry overnight to fully cure.

4. I gathered a few supplies; Creative Paperclay® a cookie cutter ( fall leaf ) texture mat, sculpting tools and paint brush.

5. I rolled the clay out on a powdered surface to about 1/4" thick. I lied it over the dampened bowl and cut the excess clay away. Then applied my design...

Please stay tuned for The progress of my Witch Treat Stand... until then have a wonderful day..


sassypackrat said...

I'm doing the challenge too and love how you are doing these bowls.

Bevie Sams said...

I just found your lovely blog and will have to try this....great visiting you!!!