Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and Giveaway Winner!

 Hello All !
How was your  LOVE DAY?

Love is...whimsical... magical


  we had a nice day here on the MacNaughtan Homestead...
  my lovee worked, my mama stopped to visit and my sweet daughter played cupid all over town.. Paying it      forward to random elderly strangers by giving them a rose ( isn't that so sweet?).. and taking her dad cherry chocolates to work, then she brought her mama a lovely yellow rose.
When the love of my life returned from work, we went to dinner.. we had Chinese..(.yum! ) We took our daughter with us too, and had a great Valentine's Day.

I was a bit under the weather the last couple of days, so my giveaway was kinda delayed..
I used a random generator to pick the winner and for the life of me I couldn't get it to copy onto blogger.
I guess I need some more training on the

I used a random generator  and it picked a number between 1 and 13.
the number it picked was  number 1  Ms. Misantropia 

Congratulations... I will be sending you and email for your addy!

Thank you to all who took the time to visit my blog and read the tutorial. I will be adding more tutorials frequently, so I sure hope to see you.

Wishing you all a very happy Saturday!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Yer' Guts And Then Some..CP Blog Hop

Hello creative friends, Come on in and get comfy.
 Thanks so much for stopping by my place. I sure hope your having a great time visiting everyone and their fantastic creations on the Creative paperclay® blog hop today.

 For anyone who is visiting my blog for the first time, my name is Diane, owner of Dianie Mac Designs. I create Holiday themed art decor and ornaments. I sell most of my creations on Ebay. My main medium I work with, is Creative Paperclay®. In November of 2013' I had the opportunity to be on the design team for Creative Paperclay®. I have loved every minute of it and feel so fortunate to work with such wonderful artists/designers and promote the clay that I love!

Today, I have a couple of little Monsters and a tutorial to share with you... At the end of the tutorial be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win these little guys. The drawing will be for the pair and the winner will be announced February 13th and mailed out on the 14th.

I am a doodler ... I scribble and doodle on every piece of paper that is next to me... nothing is safe in my house from a doodle.
My inspiration for this project came from a doodle.. A Monster Doodle... and Valentines Day!
 My idea was  to create an easy ornament that could also hold some sweets as well.

But even better, one ornament design that could be used for other holidays as well, with just a simple change of paint color and tags.

It was evident that I needed to create this fella out of clay, then create a mold of him so that I could create many monsters for other holidays in the future.

Here are my supplies:

Creative Paperclay ® - At Michaels,Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or HERE
Composimold Push mold Kit- HERE
Saran wrap or wax paper
Xacto knife or sharp knife
Doodle or pattern
Bowl of water
Straight pin or toothpick

Your choice of acrylic paints,glitter,scrapbook paper.

Note: I also used Delight Modeling Compound, which came in my Composimold kit. However, Delight can be purchased separately HERE.

1- I began by sketching up a quick design. When I was happy with my design, I cut it out.

2- With a piece of saran wrap roll your clay out to about 1/4" - 1/2" thick. My clay was closer to a half inch.
     Then cut out your pattern with a sharp knife.

3- You can now add your details by using a straight pin or toothpick. Smoothing your clay with a little water      on your finger or paintbrush  as you go.
     When you are happy with your design, allow to dry thoroughly. Keep an eye on it as it's drying and turn        over from time to time to prevent bending.
.    Once dry, seal with a base-coat of paint..dry..then spray with a sealer..dry well before making a mold.

Now to create a mold!  I've never used Composimold to create a mold before. So, I thought this might be fun to try with this tutorial to share and learn together ;)

1- You want to find something to create your mold in. I used an old glass dish, that I will use only for mold-making.  You will anchor your master (monster) to the bottom using hot glue.

2- According to directions on the Composimold container, I microwaved it 1 minute at a time. It took a total of three minutes, stirring between minutes.

3- I sprayed my Creative Paperclay® Monster master with a coat of Mold Release that came in my Composimold kit. Then I sprayed it with Bubble Release.

4- Stirred one more time...

5-  I poured the Composimold into the dish filling in the lowest point first, until I covered the whole                    Monster.
     There were a few bubbles that formed to the top, I simply just wiped them away with a toothpick.
     I allowed the mold to cool and set.  To speed up the cooling process you can place your mold in the              refrigerator.

6- I pulled the mold out from the dish...

This is what it looked like...

7- With a sharp knife or Xacto, trim the excess away..

8- Well, now I about cried my eyeballs out when I pulled my monster (master) from the mold..
     A Little bit stuck.. yep, and you know why? Because what I didn't tell you was, back in step 3 when I          sprayed on the mold release, I thought I had to much on,so I sopped some of it up with a paper towel. BAD  IDEA!!
Don't sop up any excess Mold release in step 3 and this wont happen to you. Sometimes more is better ;)

I cleaned up the mold, and it wasn't as bad as it looked, so i proceeded...

9- I chose to make my first couple of casts using Delight Moldeling Compound. It's light and fluffy like a           marshmallow. I went on to make 9 more casts using Creative Paperclay®. Those are dry and tucked           away for another holiday. Then, and this is a very cool part... wait for it... You can melt and re-use your Composimold !
      Push your Delight or Clay into the mold. press firmly and evenly. I added a little texture to the back.
      Give it maybe 10 minutes then gently pop out by bending your mold. It came out so nicely.

And wallah.... a perfect little monster.
There is such a satisfying feeling when you design,create,mold and duplicate one of your doodles!!

10- Lastly, clean up the edges of your casts, using an xacto knife. Alow your cast to dry... then paint and             finesse your little monster up!

                " Little Monster Doodle Treat Ornamen"t.  He Loves Yer Guts!!!
                   And for me? I LOVE Creative Paperclay's ® Gut's....
                  For a chance to win the pair of Monsters. Simply leave a comment :)

I hope this tutorial has sparked an idea for you :) You can also check out my other tutorials at the top of my blog tabs/page list.
Have fun checking out all the other tutorials and creations from The Creative Paperclay® Blog Hop!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Art,Blog Hop and a One Eyed Monster

 Hello all and Welcome!           Brrrrrrr..... Come on in and get outta the cold!

 I've been lost in the studio for a couple weeks, that would explain the absence in my blog writing.

 But sometimes little characters like this, keep me tied up in the studio...

Yes, a lot of fun and  Halloween creating goes on down there, year round.. As well as the creating of other Holiday characters..

 Since it's February 2nd already, I thought I'd take a breather from the little characters in the studio and give you the scoop on some happenings coming soon, to the creative blog land.
Creative Paperclay® is having a blog hop, link party on February 8th. Oh yeah, it will be fun and bursting with tutorials*talent* and a few prizes. I will be giving away my creation from my tutorial that I have prepared for the blog hop. I hope you will mark your calendars and join in the fun!

Until then, I have a new tutorial for these cute "ONE EYED MONSTER" Valentines.
They are kid friendly and super easy to make. Click here for the tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, My EYE Is On You Valentine!

I'm Partying this week at;
A Bouquet Of Talent, On Lakeshore Drive
Twigg Studios