Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bringing Nature In...

Hello and welcome!
 It's great to have you stop by on this wintry morning.

January.. what a peaceful month.. I think of it as the calm after the storm.

A small slice of time to really relax and enjoy my favorite magazines while all bundled up in a cozy throw, sipping on a hot cup of steamy, rich delicious cocoa, with extra marshmallows of course.

 Queen Tessa would tell you that she'd rather be playing in the snow.. silly old girl ;)

 Blankets of snow are seen everywhere. I cant help but be mesmerized at the beauty that surrounds us..
 Though it's shivering cold outside, I feel so cozy and warm inside.

One of my favorite winter birds is the Chickadee. A sweet little bird with striking colors that stand out against  a winters landscape.

Which inspired me to create this little fella.
I have my Christmas decor tucked away, but my winter decor still lingers throughout our home.
The twig wreath was just a little bare and needed a winter friend to nest there.
So putting the magazine down, I wandered to the studio to gather a few supplies and within a couple of hours my chickadee plate was sculpted. It was easy, peasy.. the hardest part was waiting for it to dry, that took a full day. Then I painted the Chickadee plate and nestled him into the wreath. He is perfect in my cozy little home. If you would like my step by step instructions then click here to view them on the Creative Paperclay® blog.
Wishing you all a wonderfully relaxing month.. stay warm and pamper yourself ;)


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Maggie said...

Love your chickadee plate, Diane. I just noticed that you live in N. Utah. I grew up in Ogden. I remember those winters...