Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Wonderment !

Hello friends,
 Have you shoveled yourself out of the driveway from this last snow storm?
It seems to have passed through so many states, leaving  a wintry wonderland of white, fluffy, brrrrrrr... cold beauty for us to enjoy.

This is the N/E view from my front porch. I love the snow covered mountains.

The Sun just opening it's eyes to the blanket of snow that has softly fallen the night before ...

I wanted so badly to make a snowman or two, but I really wasn't up to the cold or frozen fingers. Instead, I made my way to the studio where it was warm and cozy.
I found some clay...
I made a snowman or two, or three... maybe five ;)

Snowman and Bunny Candy container/Holiday Decor

Lil' Snowman ornament.

I kept a few in the studio for finishing touches and  listed a few on Ebay. Today is the last day for adoption of these  Frosty Fellows. If you think they need to come live with you, click HERE .

if you have a desire to create a snowman without going out into the cold, then grab a package of Creative paperclay® 

It's so easy & so much fun!

They also make super great keepsake gifts for the snowman collector on your list.

For some wonderful tutorials and clay tips click Right here

Have a wonderfully Warm and creative Day!


1 comment:

Susan Owenby said...

phew! too cold for me! Awesome snowmen though. :)