Friday, November 15, 2013

Roly Poly Lil' Ornaments

             Fresh off my my work table... These cute little guys made their debut on Ebay today.

This little guy didn't hang around the party long, before he found himself a new home...

and Mr. Owl has packed his bags too..

But Ol' Santa... Well, he thought he'd  hang around a bit to see whats crack-a-lackin on Ebay.

You can fly in and meet this Jolly fella if you'd like. Hop on the sleigh HERE

These little guys were so much  fun to create. Sometimes it's hard to see them go. But they always go to good homes :)      Thanks for stopping by to meet them!

Have a splendid weekend,

1 comment:

Susan Owenby said...

I LOVE that owl!! It's no wonder they go so fast - they are perfect!