Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beautiful Day to Sculpt And The New Creative Paperclay® Design Team

 Good Sunday Morning to you.
It is a gorgeous morning here. I have been sitting on some news to share with you.
If you would like to walk with me, I'll tell you along the way...

 I'm so glad you wanted to walk with me. This is my favorite part of the path, slightly ducking as we walk under the willow tree. It's kinda magical, like your entering a secret forest. The wildlife is plenty here and the sounds are so peaceful.

 I'm sure you can understand why I get inspired and like to create here.
Go ahead and get comfy in the chair.. just look at this lovely view. Go ahead, close your eyes and take in
a deep breath... ahhhh.. that nice, isn't it?
You are welcome to visit this little retreat anytime, but I would like to invite you to come down here with me
on November 3rd. for an art day.

I was one of the gals chosen for the New Paperclay® Design Team. I am so excited to work with the other talented gals on the team.
Each month I will be doing a step-by-step tutorial on one of my Paperclay® designs, and I would like to invite you to join me for some artistic fun... and a little nature ;)
Sunday, November 3rd.
You can visit the Paperclay® blog and meet the New Design Team by clicking here.
I'm so glad you could walk with me today, and I cant wait until next time :)
Take care,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Frank and Creative Paper Clay

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by my blog, on this gorgeous Autumn Day!
 I have my " Frank " to share with you, and I have also linked him up to the Creative Paper Clay October challenge and call for  the New Design Team.
 Frank was not my original idea for the challenge, but I was a bit late in the game when i saw the challenge and call for the new design team. My idea was to show you how I make candy containers for all Holidays, using the wonderful "Creative Paper clay " but, Frankie will have to do.

I created Frank using the wonderful Creative paper clay. I used a paper mache' egg for my armature and molded the clay around it.

Then, the fun part begins.. the facial details... truly one of my favorite parts of sculpting, and Creative paper clay make sculpting a breeze. The clay is so easy to work with and manipulates very well.

 I hope you enjoyed meeting FRANK !

I hope you will hop on over to the Creative Paper Clay Blog to see all the wonderful creations!
Click here.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting Chilly Outside!

Good Morning!
 Wow! It's been getting a bit Chilly outside the last couple days. We even had 5 minutes of snow yesterday afternoon. WHAT??? yep, it's true!

 But, that isn't uncommon for Northern Utah... I've been working outside trimming my bushes and putting some of my decorations away before the snow comes. This cooler weather is much more pleasant to get yard work done, than it is in the blistering heat.

 What do you think? Do you like working outside in your yard during the Fall season?

 I hope to get our Halloween decorations up tomorrow. And if I do succeed, I will be sure to get pic's to share.

Besides tidying up the MacNaughtan Cottage grounds, I've been busy in my studio creating, The Good, The Bad and The down right Ugly!

 Today, I'm sharing the "Good"  lol...

  This cute Lil' Ghost (trick or Treater) is on Ebay Now.
 He has been very well received by a few collectors. If you are interested or would just like to see more pics of this cite lil' guy you can click  HERE.

 Thanks for stopping by,

 Have a Blessid Day!