Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Last Camping Trip of 2013'

Alan and I wanted to get one last camping trip in for this year. We couldn't have asked for better weather and scenery, it was just breathtaking!
This was where we camped. The leaves are starting to turn their brilliant colors, and very soon this will be a palette of Autumn glory.

We took our old girl Tessa with us, as we know this will be her last trip ever. She loves to go camping and though she is so very old and her health and old bones are failing her, she was so excited to go.
Behind Tessa you can see Lizzie's tail.. she is my lil' Chihuahua and she is not much of a camping gal.
Lizzie pretty much whined the whole trip. Lol..

Alan kept a  toasty fire going.
We ate  dutch oven stroganoff, we talked and  we laughed while sipping on some St. Chapels Special Harvest wine til late into the night.

The next morning we headed home with a bundle of Autumn leaves...for decorating.

I am looking forward to cutting some of my Aspen leaves when they turn yellow. I think they will be stunning tucked in with the oranges and reds..against the freshly painted Rockport Grey walls.

I tucked a few leaves in my newest thrift store find.
This is a Royal Copley Doe and Fawn vase. I only paid $1 for this treasure.. I was just tickled as I hadn't been thrifting for a while.
 It was a wonderful couple of days :)

Today, on my work table I have a few witches that need some hair and a pointy hats... after the witches get some hair, its off to the garden to pick natures bounty, then maybe a little Fall decorating.

Do any of you like to go camping in the Fall? or maybe have a Fall picnic?
I'd love to hear about it :)

Take care,


Incipient Wings said...

What a wonderful post!
The photos of the trees are incredible... We don't get that here where I live:(
Tessa is beautiful, so nice you could bring her with you
To enjoy something together.
Love your vase and the way the leaves look.
I'm very happy you had such a great time... This whole post makes me smile:)


Janae "The Country Hollow" said...

We love the mountains, not camping, but going to our cabin. We have 10 acres in Scare Canyon between Hardware Ranch and Monte Cristo that we love to go to. Always see moose at our salt licks. We also take our dog who is getting older, not as active any longer just lays around, but she loves it.

Janae "The Country Hollow" said...

We also live in Northern Utah and love to go to the mountains. We don't camp we have a cabin in Scare Canyon, between Hardware Ranch and Monte Cristo. We also take our dog, she loves it but is also getting older and lays around most of the time.
Have a fun Fall!!