Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spring & Summer Days...

We have had one of the most glorious Springs leading up to Summer, that I can ever remember.

Though, I have many irons in the fire, I've been taking her slow, and taking time to soak up the beauty around me.

I love to take my coffee breaks outside under the Big Maple sitting beside my new end table surrounding me in Begonias. This year was the first that I have planted this delicate and most gorgeous plant. It is now my favorite of all, and will always be in my garden in the years to come.

And what is a Spring/Summer day without a tasty treat?

 Lemon Pie Bars called my name.... I do believe, I ate half a pan of Lemon Pie Bars under that big Maple, sitting beside my new end table gazing at the gorgeous Begonias... Gotta love the glorious days of Spring and Summer. * for the recipe, ALLRECIPES.COM/LEMON-PIE-BARS

Wishing you all a Gorgeous, Lazy Summer Day ;)

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