Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy February & Giveaway Winner!

 Happy February friends!!!
 A month of Love, Red & Pink Hearts and delicious Chocolates...
I've never really have been a decorator for Valentines, but this year since I have the young ones running around I thought I'd do a little something. So the above pic shows the extent, and my attempt at it :)

I'd like to thank everyone who visited from Vickie's  Blog Party.
I had tons of  fun, and met so many wonderful people.
 I wasn't able to get through the list yet. It seems I am always competing for computer time here on the home front, but I will make my way to visit everybody in time.

I drew the winner for the Snowman Candy Container & heart Containers yesterday, but like I mentioned earlier, it's a down and dirty fight to the

The winner is.....  Kathy H.
I will be getting her goodies on their way to her home the first part of the week.

Thank you to all who visited and left a comment, and to all the new followers :)
I am so excited to get to know and visit you and your blogs.

Before I close this post, I wanted you to meet this lil' Love Cupid Ornament that I just finished.

He is made with paper clay over a Styrofoam armature.

And, finally finished with acrylic paints and a touch of fine glitter.
I haven't decided where I'm going to sell the lil' feller yet???
Guess I'd better figure it out before Valentine's Day has come and gone.
He is will be $ 9.95 and a $3.00 traveling fee.

Well all, thanks for your visit today and I wish you all a wonderful evening and Sunday.