Saturday, January 5, 2013

embracing the new !

Hi there friends!

It's been awhile since I really, really wrote a post that wasn't short or vague.

last year, I kinda reluctantly ducked out of the "on-line" venues as an artist.
When I say "reluctantly",  I mean, I didn't want to.. I was even kinda ticked off about it and down right felt sorry for myself.

A year ago, we took in our 3 young grandchildren, packed up my art studio, my adult daughters needed more love and emotional support then I thought I could give them, because I felt broken myself. And the icing on the cake, my hubby lost his job when Hostess closed their doors.

                                                 Oh, POOH!
                                   I was one big pity pot petunia!

I knew I had to dig into my closet and find my fancy spancy super girl cape.
I've had to use that magical cape a time or two throughout my life, I was just hoping it would still fit.
                                               And it DiD!!!!

With God, one amazing husband and my wonderful family, and ( the cape), I managed to get it together with a positive attitude.

                                My point to telling you all this is..,

I learned a bit through all this...  having balance, exploring ALL the things i love and most of all, always having the time for my family.

                                   I mean Whole hearted time.
Time, without commitments or deadlines looming over me to where I cant really enjoy my  family time.

My beautiful grandchildren taught me this very important piece to life's puzzle.
So, instead of locking myself in my studio, frantically meeting a deadline or wanting to make that extra cash,

          I choose to give those little grandchildren my time and love.

                                    I now create when I can.
 Usually on a daily basis, but sometimes  15 minutes is all that day allows. And, that's okay :)
         I made the decision to "only" sell my creations on my blog.
             My little Boutique can be found at the top and it's called,

                                              "Evoke a Smile".

          Something else re-surfaced from my humble year of learning.

        Early in the wee morning hours I  have my coffee and blog time.

           I have become so addicted to the decorating and DIY blogs.
 This really wasn't foreign to me, no, not at all..., I just had merely put those desires on a shelf for many years.

I couldn't have been more then 8 or 9 years old when i first started decorating my bedroom.
not just with pictures.. oh no, I was dragging odds and ends furniture up from the garage that my parents had discarded. I created headboards from scrap wood, painted all old things I could get my hands on.

Saturday's was deep cleaning my day. My job was to dust.  I remember vividly taking everything  off the buffet, coffee table, etc, and rearranging my mothers decor. She was such a good sport for letting me change up her decor every Saturday :)

Well, all I have to say.., I've really neglected that area of my creativity the past 8 years.

This year, I would like to take this creative part of me down off the shelf and  take pleasure in , and explore decorating.

                    I think it will be a fun and exciting journey.

I have been working on A fresh new look for my blog to reflect my awakened interests.

Thank you to my blog friends, my loyal collectors for always making me smile, giving me support and huge inspiration.

I hope for this new year, I'll have some fun and interesting reads for you :)



maddyrose said...

Balance is a very good thing to have. Without it it's impossible for life to move smoothly or to move forward. Things happen to throw us off balance and I'm so happy to see you've found yours. Happy weekend my friend.

BoneyLittleFingers said...

A life is just that... a Life. Art, however, is to live.
Happy to hear you are planning on spending time for those creative places in your heart.

Incipient Wings said...

Happy to hear that your cape fit so well!(and your amazing family is so supportive)
I hope with all my heart that things continue to improve and that
your renewed love of decorating brings you much joy!

Happy New Year:)