Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Changes

Hi friends,
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring season.

I'll bet your hoping to see pics of my new studio.
Well, let me explain....

In the midst of my painting, I had to stop to pack up every ounce of my art supplies and move them to storage as the room was needed for another and more important purpose. This was a real and true grieving time for me as i so much love to create, but I have accepted that those days are over for awhile.
As you know, I already have temporary custody of my 2 & 1/2 year old granddaughter . Try adding another 2 year old and a 4 year old.. Yep, it's true, Alan and I picked up our other two grandkids from the crisis shelter on this past Friday.
I have phenomanol family support and without them, I think I would loose my freakin' mind.. These two kids are going through a tough transition and have been through so much..

So for now, the art can wait, and we will nurture and care for our precious grandchildren.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Art Studio Make-over Part 1

Hi friends,
After a week of life keeping me occupied, I finally had the chance to spend some time on my Studio make-over.
Grab yer hard hat and come on in....

My studio was and is still half yellow. I never liked the color once I put it on, but it stayed that color for 6 years.
The wall you are seeing has signatures and messages written from my supportive Family & friends.
I hate to paint over it, but that yella has to go!!! (However, i will take a photo of the writings and put it in a nice lil' frame).

So far, the hardest part of this make-over has been the cleaning and prep work.
I purged lots of junk, then stored lots of junk, then i got fed up with the rest of the junk and threw a plastic drop cloth over it.
To be quite up front and honest, i think the junk is the reason it took me 6 years to start the make-over.

Though my lighting isn't the best in my studio right now, i still wanted to give you a peek at the new color.
Since the room is so small, I went with a lighter purple called "Lingering Lavender".
It's passionate and beautiful, I just love it so far..

Now you can take your hard hat off and relax with a cup of brew ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Beautiful Day!

We have had Fall, Winter and Spring all in one week.

Today was such a beautiful day, and I had Spring fever sooo bad.
Let me tell ya just HOW BAD!
I told miss Jayda Bug that we would go outside and do leaf painting after nap time.
We were so excited!
We gathered our paints, paper and a blanket to sit on.
After we were all situated, I preceded to tell her that we needed to go pick a leaf off the tree for our art project, THEN suddenly I realized that the leaves haven't even bloomed on the trees yet.
What the heck was i thinking??? I guess I really had Spring
We improvised with a fake leaf..
Jayda's attention really wasn't on painting though.
She was more concerned about all the birds gathered in our bushes waiting patiently for someone to fill the feeders.. So that's what we did on this beautiful Spring day :)

Now that I've had a little sunshine,I hope to do more work on the studio tomorrow.

Take care my friends :)