Monday, December 31, 2012

Between you and me..,

                                                   Dear Diane,

                                          between you and me,

                                                    I'm ready..,

                   ready to tuck 2012' beneath a quiet blanket of snow,
                                   beneath my favorite pine tree,
                       where she can rest peacefully for all of eternity.

                               Life's lessons for me in the year 2012'
                          came swift, and sometimes with an edge
                               that were so cold, and so very sharp.

                                      life's lessons were learned,
                              and so many left me with a bigger heart.

                                          now I'm ready to say........

                                            Thank you,  2012'

                               and now you may be on your way,

          to take a long and much needed nap, forever, and ever on this

                                     most glorious Winters day.

Wishing all of my Family, friends and visitors just passing through, a wonderful New Year!

                           Happy, Happy   

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maddyrose said...

Diane, great bunch of photos although those are some scary looking icecicles! Happy end of 2012 and happy new year. May 2013 be full of nothing but good things for you and your family.

Lisa said...


Happy New Year, Dianie,
I know, I know.
Something hit hard this year, and I dealt with it. Nothing major, just in my mind.

the best for you and your family.


AliciaArtShop said...

I agree 100% Diane. Tuck 2012 away anf move forward with lessons learned. Wish you and your family a very blessed 2013! ~ Alicia

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I feel the same way...let's move on to a new year filled with promise and possibilities. :) Hope 2013 is a fantastic one for you!

Hillary said...

Great photos! Thanks for participating in our community blogging project.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Wonderful post and fabulous photos! May the worst of 2013 be claimed from the best of 2012.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I've done nothing but nap (and do a bit of blogging-thank goodness for yearly recaps) since Dec 29 as I have this horrific cold. Your pictures are lovely. I have a Tudor house and we get our share of those deadly icicles!