Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Sad Day...

             Indeed, this past Friday was a sad day for the Twinkie loving American.

A yummy snack that's been around since before my mom was born,
       and has been deliciously enjoyed by the American, is no more....

                                 An American icon, GONE!

But, more importantly, what about those 18,500 jobs that were lost?

 Well, I can empathize with each and everyone of those dedicated workers, as my husband was one of them.

It is scary times in America right now, with so many out of work.
As for my Husband and I we strongly believe and know that we'll  be okay. As my mom would say, "When one door closes, another door will open".
           I think of that quote often with much hope and faith.

Now, I surely don't want to leave this post on a gloomy note, and remember that door I was talking about? Well, it is, at least i believe, squeaking open just a bit.
On the 12th of November my sis-in- law and I went in together on a booth at an arts and craft shop here in our town.
I am so pleased and every bit grateful at how well we are doing.
Now that my hubby has a little extra time on his hands, he will once again create those fabulous carved Santa's and treasures for eBay and the shop.

All I can say is, we will smile and move forward :)

Have a most wonderful Sunday!


maddyrose said...

My son practically grew up on Twinkies. When he left home I cleaned his room and found one under his bed at the point where the floor and wall meet. I wasn't sure what it was at first because it was the size of a brick and green and furry. It was when I was prying it up it broke open and there was that unmistakeable creamy filling. Still creamy! It's sad to think that when I tell the story to my future great-grandchildren they won't have any context. ;0}
I hope your hubby finds that door and all will work out just as it should. Good luck to you and your SIL and your booth. As talented as you are you should do great. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs

Cameron said...

A chance to work together as a family, doing what you love is such a I hope you can continue being successful at for years to come....

But, I wonder to myself why you are surprised at how well your stuff is selling....heehee! I'm a fan :)