Friday, October 19, 2012

Now that's A perfectly magical day!

Good morning lovely friends!

Like so many of you, I keep an inspiration (or 2,3,4 ?) board on Pinterest. My Autumn board is my favorite, and I thought it would be nice to...


take a little walk, within a magical season of color and beauty...

Source: via Diane on Pinterest
maybe pick up a pumpkin or two along the way..

remember what it was like, to jump into a big pile of leaves?
Come on, jump in with me!

and after all that play, return to your warm and cozy nest..

Source: via Diane on Pinterest
maybe snack on a ooey gooey, delicious caramel apple, or two...

or get covered in punkin' guts, to make the perfect pumpkin pie.

Now that's a perfectly magical day!

Thank you friends, for a wonderful walk on this magical day.


maddyrose said...

Thanks for the lovely walk on this wonderful magical autumn day.

Georgina said...

How lovely, Dianie. Well, out here in West Texas, we don't have the colours that so many other's see. Our neighbor across the street has about 4 non-baring pear trees and they do turn colours, so I have my own little piece of Autumn just right out my window, across the street!! LOL Otherwise, for now, it's still green, but good ol' brown will be coming up here shortly!!

You reminded me, it's time for me to go to Pinterest. I haven't had much time to pin and I hate the idea that I've missed on so many wonderful ideas, art and just great stuff over there. So I'm off to pin.

Have a great week and take care.


Maggie said...

What a great walk, and what a beautiful day. Love your photos. The caramel apples are calling...