Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Little Inspiration

While taking a walk with my daughter and grand kids one cozy Autumn evening, I noticed beautimus pieces of driftwood scattered here and there.
I  enjoy looking at all the curious shapes and sizes, but this small piece of old wood surely screamed Santa!!!

So, whats a creative girl to do? I surely couldn't pass up this moment of inspiration, so I scooped up the little piece of wood and tossed it into my bag.

A few bits of clay, a little paint and wallah!!!! It's Santa Claus :)
I love those beautiful and inspiring walks :)

This driftwood Santa is listed on Ebay with a low starting bid of .99 cents.
if interested you can visit eBay here

thanks for stopping by today, I hope your day is great!


Cameron said...

What a great way to repurpose found wood! His face is so expressive....he's adorable!

LLA Creations said...

HO HO HO! Great Santa:)

maddyrose said...

Now that is how Santa should look! Diane you need to take more walks and look for more little scraps drift wood.

Sweetblossomchic said...

That is so awesome, I love it.