Friday, September 7, 2012

big relaxing' sigh, ahhhhhhhh......
Hello friends,
How have you all been?
Here, the past couple of mornings have been a wonderful prelude to the delicious Autumn months just barely ahead of us.
Have you enjoyed that same coolness in the air? or maybe the magical Autumn smells that tickle your nose.
I had the wonderful pleasure to wake up early to cuddle up outside with a cozy blanket and a fresh brewed cup of coffee by candlelight, under our big Maple.
There is just something so richly magical and satisfying to be able, to have that special time to myself in the mornings. I can think clearly, and get ready for great day.
The past few weeks has been delightfully crazy
organizing, getting appointments for the kids and so forth. I am now to the end of my to do list, and I lived through it.
My darling new studio is now a darling little princess bedroom for my granddaughter Rylee.
However, I created myself a very nice studio space in the family room,
which I used for the first time the other evening and it worked perfectly.
I have made a few slight changes regarding my art and selling.
I no longer belong to any artists groups through Ebay, yet I will still be selling my work on ebay.
I will sell 2 places, here on my blog and on Ebay only. My blog will be where I advertise my work for sale as usual.
It's been a tough road for me, to get back to creating and selling.
I even was going to throw in the towel for good as it seemed so many obstacles were blocking the road.
It boils down to one thing, get back to creating and selling, go back to school or work.
Well has this been a tough decision, because I sometimes harbor self doubt in myself.
My wise daughter Tiffy said to me the other day..
" Mom, i can see that art, school and work weighs heavy on your mind everyday.
Try writing down your long and short term goals, now write down everything you would do for "FREE".
NOW, go for it, with determination and consistency, don't get side tracked, just move forward doing what you love."
She is so right, and SO SMART. Thanks Tiffy ;)
oakie doakie , brace
Have a beautiful weekend!
love, Dianie


maddyrose said...

Whatever you do, don't stop creating. You have a marvelous talent and I'd hate to see you stop making use of it. Have a great weekend Diane.

sassypackrat said...

Glad to hear you will keep doing art!

Georgina said...

Hey Lady,

I don't get out here in blogland very often anymore...sure miss my wonderful friends over here, so today, I have some time to say "hello" and check out to see what everyone is up to.

As for Autumn, well, my dear, we were looking good down here in the Southwest the last couple of weeks, but then a high pressure arrived from the east and we're back to summer again...bleh!! Hopefully, it will break up by tonight and cooler weather is on it's way...what I mean by that, high 80's-low 90's!! LOL Hey, that's how it rolls down here.

I haven't even been in my studio for a long while, but I'm hoping to get motivated to doing some creating here's been a bit hectic and I'm in the throes of taking up other people's responsibilities...OY!! Knda sucks all the motivation and energy out of one.

Anyway, so glad to read all is well and you're having the time of your life. As for goals, I love the way you put that....maybe I should make a list. I already completed college and getting a job around here at age 60 is almost next to impossible, so I'll need to think up other alternatives, like finding venues for selling my work.

Ok, time for me to carry on elsewhere and check up on my other blog buddies. Take care.


Lisa said...

I think it's a good idea, one step at a time!!!