Sunday, July 1, 2012

Like a lost shoe

my creativity was really never lost, only misplaced...

I think outside????


A few of my friends and collectors have wondered where I've been.

Have I given up on my creativity... my art ?

Well, good gravy no ! ... I could never set aside my passion, for good.

I have merely, just changed my canvas for a short while...

creating a paradise in our back yard alongside with nature, has also been a passion shared by both my hubby and I .

Alan started off with a flat, rocky canvas, that was once a huge creek bed many a years ago.

Now that the shape and form of the yard, and the waterfall, creek and pond is in, oh and did I mention over 30 trees ???
We can now start adding our shrubs and plants, adding bursts of color to the canvas.

Here is a view of my most favorite place in this whole wide world.
If you are sitting in the chairs you look across the pond into,
" Dianie's Cove".
It, is a lovely little cove my husband created just for me. It is equipped with beautiful aspen trees, with leaves that shimmer in the summer breeze. It boasts plenty of shade for an escape from the 100 degree weather.
A fire pit for romantic dinners, or a pot of campfire coffee early in the morning, while watching the birds by the pond.
I have loved this year with the creative process of our yard.
Though, we have many a perrenial to plant, and little details here and there, this journey has been wonderful and rewarding.
Thanks for coming with me for a little walk..
next time, we will venture into the cove for a little bite to eat..
see you then...


Zan Asha said...

Wow, how beautiful! I am glad you have a "Little Spot in Paradise!"

No worries with the creativity, I have had to take breaks or have been taken away for a short while, too from making art (sorta like now!)

Can't wait to see your other fun adventures :)

LLA Creations said...

Well now since you have turned into a design star how would you like to come to my place and design away!

Love the pond and the coffee idea! Sooooo what about the shop anymore sneak pic's comming?????

Have a great day:)

maddyrose said...

I wish my little corner of the world looked like this. It would look better if I could spend more time working in it but it would never look as good as this even if I spent 10 hours aday out there working. You and the hubby did an amazing job Diane. Enjoy your week. Hugs

Love You To The Moon And Back said...

Diane looks so COZY....What a great get away and yet so close to home...LOve it!!!Alan did a GREAT job to.!.!.!

AliciaArtShop said...

Oh my Diane! Wonderful just wonderful. You two did an amazing job and it just looks fabulous and relaxing. I can imagine all the family time you will spend in your retreat! Yes I do believe this was time well spent. Have a happy weekend. Xo Alicia