Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in the saddle..

Hello friends,
I'm so happy you could stop by.
I'm just settling down after the big "Where Bloggers create 2012" party.

I sure had a great time meeting new people, and visiting their awesome studio's.

Now that the excitement is coming to a simmer, I knew I had to do something I'd been threatening to do for quite awhile..
Yep, I got back in the saddle..

The creative saddle that is.

After being away from it for nearly 6 months, I would always feel a bit hesitant when I went into my studio.
I never really could put my finger on the why? But, I did have faith that one day I'd find myself sitting in the creating chair and it would be like I never stopped creating.

Last night,
I pulled out a few pieces That I had been working on, at the time I packed up my studio.
This Ol' Witch ornie is getting some red hair, a pointy hat and a big, ruffly collar.

Now this fella,
I was really wondering if I should toss, as I never was very happy with him.
However, I thought he would get a face lift with a bit of a lighter skin tone, some cool earrings and an awesome collar.
Maybe I can UN-scary him up???

I think this should do it....

My hubbs must be real happy I'm back to creating because he gave me a little honey-do .
I just need to sculpt a little emblem on the top of this box.

Isn't this cool !!!
My hubby makes the coolest things.
These are a couple of his custom slingshots.
I always feel honored when he asks me to work with him on his projects.

And here is my trusty sidekick, " Tessa".
Always by my side while I create.
It sure feels great to be Back in the saddle again.

Wishing you all,
Some mid-week happiness ;)


LLA Creations said...

YeeeeHaw! You go girl:) and this girl can't wait to see the finished designs! Your Hubby just has good taste:)

Cameron said...

6 months is a long time....but, I'm sure your hands could create awesome things even in darkness!

I'm so glad to hear you are venturing to the creative side again!
Can't wait to see those ornies all finished :)

Missed you,

maddyrose said...

Okey dokey lets get moving along and have some creative fun. Love the witche's face and the red hair is perfect for her. Don't toss the devil, he's a cutie. Have a great day.

AliciaArtShop said...

Congratulations looking forward to many wonderful works of art!