Saturday, July 28, 2012


Do you all remember my Jayda bug? My colorful little granddaughter that stayed with me for 7 months.
She is a smart and inquisitive little dumpling.
When she gets bored she gets into mischief.
The key to this little story is, to keep her busy,busy and learning.
So, at barely 3 yrs, her daddy is teaching her how to master the trade of a Barber. Here she is giving her dad a !

A couple days a week i have the pleasure to keep this bright young child occupied.
Jayda and I went into my studio and her eyes lit up like magic! she wanted to touch, feel and know everything about the Witch ornie I was working on.
I told her that I still needed to make the Witchie poo a pointy Witch hat, and she said, "let's do it". So, I said, " well heckster's Jay bug, let's do it".
The little smarty pants is my NEW official Witch hat maker.

I told the young artist/designer, that after we painted and decorated the hat she could keep her for her Barbie.. she looked at me with a blank stare and said nothing..

Instead, with hat in hand she be*bopped over to the Witch and placed the hat atop her head.

Mmmmmmm... You know what this means don't you?
Yep, I have a new partner!
I may have to change my biz name...
Dianie Mac & bippity*boppity*boo?

Oakie doak then,
On Monday Jayda will be spending the evening with me, and she will paint and decorate Witchie Poo's hat, (all by herself).
Then I'll add the hanger and she'll be ready for auction.
And since she's my partner, I'll be splitting the funds 50/50
after all, it's all about the Witches hat, and she's the hat designer , right?:)
Happy Saturday to you all, and may your weekend be simply splendid!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in the saddle..

Hello friends,
I'm so happy you could stop by.
I'm just settling down after the big "Where Bloggers create 2012" party.

I sure had a great time meeting new people, and visiting their awesome studio's.

Now that the excitement is coming to a simmer, I knew I had to do something I'd been threatening to do for quite awhile..
Yep, I got back in the saddle..

The creative saddle that is.

After being away from it for nearly 6 months, I would always feel a bit hesitant when I went into my studio.
I never really could put my finger on the why? But, I did have faith that one day I'd find myself sitting in the creating chair and it would be like I never stopped creating.

Last night,
I pulled out a few pieces That I had been working on, at the time I packed up my studio.
This Ol' Witch ornie is getting some red hair, a pointy hat and a big, ruffly collar.

Now this fella,
I was really wondering if I should toss, as I never was very happy with him.
However, I thought he would get a face lift with a bit of a lighter skin tone, some cool earrings and an awesome collar.
Maybe I can UN-scary him up???

I think this should do it....

My hubbs must be real happy I'm back to creating because he gave me a little honey-do .
I just need to sculpt a little emblem on the top of this box.

Isn't this cool !!!
My hubby makes the coolest things.
These are a couple of his custom slingshots.
I always feel honored when he asks me to work with him on his projects.

And here is my trusty sidekick, " Tessa".
Always by my side while I create.
It sure feels great to be Back in the saddle again.

Wishing you all,
Some mid-week happiness ;)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Bloggers Create, My studio

Well Hello!
Come on in and take a little tour of my studio.
But first, I'd like to give a special thank you to Karen of My Desert Cottage for hosting her 4th annual "Where Bloggers Create ".

Oakie doak,
on with the tour...

( At any time you can click on the pic to enlarge the photo's )
I just recently gave my studio a re-do. I painted my studio in a "Lingering Lavender " and, for the ceiling a romantic " Kings Cove "
I love purple! ( and sharpie's, lol )

I am a Halloween lover and artist, so it's no surprise that you will find some fabulous one of a kind art from some of my artist friends displayed in the studio...

one of a kind art by; Dianie mac......Paint Misbehavin'.... and my sis' Linda............

To welcome all the natural light in my studio, I frame the window with old brushes and crayons.

I think old, used and well loved paint brushes are an art piece..
great to display.

The sweet mixed media painting in the silver frame, is from my friend Alicia.

Original art by; The Gourdqueen,(Halloween Kitty) myself (Witch), and a lovely card given to me by one of my sweet collectors.

A sweet dollie I received from a swap by artist Sue Barton.

My desk.
Where I blog ;)
The walls are still a bit bare, but I'm sure it wont take long to collect stuff to finness them up a bit.

An old chandelier re purposed to hold my ornaments collected from Halloween artists.
Pumpkin(Gourdqueen), Darlin' game piece ornies. ( Lisa at llcreations)

Jamie Moore's Man Eating plant.

and a blue Moon ornie by Karen Harper.

I love Halloween ornies!

When I decided to redo my studio I purged a ton of art supplies.
Now my supplies remain hidden behind the purple curtain .

I am sure that within a few months I will have collected tons more creative supplies.

I have not yet designed my closet, but one day I will have it real cute so I can bring down the curtain.

Time for a coffee break don't ya think?
This dollie was a gift from the lovely artist, Zan Asha.

I love this big, ornate maybe a little gaudy lamp.

This is my desk where I create. One of the only times you will see it clean. Lol :)
The desk is open on either side, as my husband is an artist too. From time to time he creates with me in my studio.
I am still looking for two perfect chairs for the desk.

There's that lamp again...
gives me awesome lighting while i sculpt.

And, a one of a kind doll from Woodstown whimsies.

Whew, now I think, I will relax with a magazine and a fresh cup of coffee in my favorite corner beneath the funky mirror tile.

Thanks so much for stopping by the studio :)
Blessings for a Fabulous Weekend!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Like a lost shoe

my creativity was really never lost, only misplaced...

I think outside????


A few of my friends and collectors have wondered where I've been.

Have I given up on my creativity... my art ?

Well, good gravy no ! ... I could never set aside my passion, for good.

I have merely, just changed my canvas for a short while...

creating a paradise in our back yard alongside with nature, has also been a passion shared by both my hubby and I .

Alan started off with a flat, rocky canvas, that was once a huge creek bed many a years ago.

Now that the shape and form of the yard, and the waterfall, creek and pond is in, oh and did I mention over 30 trees ???
We can now start adding our shrubs and plants, adding bursts of color to the canvas.

Here is a view of my most favorite place in this whole wide world.
If you are sitting in the chairs you look across the pond into,
" Dianie's Cove".
It, is a lovely little cove my husband created just for me. It is equipped with beautiful aspen trees, with leaves that shimmer in the summer breeze. It boasts plenty of shade for an escape from the 100 degree weather.
A fire pit for romantic dinners, or a pot of campfire coffee early in the morning, while watching the birds by the pond.
I have loved this year with the creative process of our yard.
Though, we have many a perrenial to plant, and little details here and there, this journey has been wonderful and rewarding.
Thanks for coming with me for a little walk..
next time, we will venture into the cove for a little bite to eat..
see you then...