by the moonlight..

Alan and I spent an evening, alone together.
The first in a very long time.
We went thrifting,
 relaxed in the swing under our big maple,
& ate pizza by the super moonlight.

This morning we are meeting up with my Brother and Sis, to roam the swap meet. This should be FUN!!!

I am on the hunt for an old suitcase that I can re-purpose as a dog bed for my Lil' Princess Lizzy.
Cross your fingers and toes for me :)

Wishing all my friends a splendid Sunday!

Dianie ;)


maddyrose said…
Good luck and have fun.
LLA Creations said…
Sound like a great day! Hope you find lots of treasures :)
Linda said…
I'm glad you had such a nice evening. Today was so great! It's been so very long since we have done anything like that together. I've missed it more than I even realized.

Love yer guts,
Zan Asha said…
Ahh, I missed the supermoon here..too cloudy! Hope you had a fun time at the swap!:)
Incipient Wings said…
sounds awesome!
hope you found the suitcase.

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