Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Love Misty Mornings

Hi friends,
It's a lovely rainy,misty morning here. Not to cold, it's just right. Mornings like this, I enjoy putting on my hoodie, favorite old levis and just meandering through the yard. I love looking at all the new greenery peeking out to say hello and daydreaming while pulling weeds here and there.
I have a very busy morning out of town, so I hope mother nature will give me another chance this Spring to enjoy the light rain and perfect temperatures to meander through the yard.
Wishing you all a beautiful day!


maddyrose said...

We get drizzle instead of mist and the ground is spongy and I would likely sink in over my ankles if I tried to walk in my yard at this time. We had a few days of sunshine and it was enough to make the buds on the trees pop so we've got leaves and greenery and tons of weeds that need pulling. Spring! Is there anything quite like it?? Hope you get a chance to meander through your yard. Enjoy your day.

Cameron said...

Sounds like the weather I find perfect, too!
Sounds blissful, Diane, especially since we've been in the 90's this week!!

So glad you are enjoying little stolen moments like that :)