Friday, March 9, 2012

A Beautiful Day!

We have had Fall, Winter and Spring all in one week.

Today was such a beautiful day, and I had Spring fever sooo bad.
Let me tell ya just HOW BAD!
I told miss Jayda Bug that we would go outside and do leaf painting after nap time.
We were so excited!
We gathered our paints, paper and a blanket to sit on.
After we were all situated, I preceded to tell her that we needed to go pick a leaf off the tree for our art project, THEN suddenly I realized that the leaves haven't even bloomed on the trees yet.
What the heck was i thinking??? I guess I really had Spring
We improvised with a fake leaf..
Jayda's attention really wasn't on painting though.
She was more concerned about all the birds gathered in our bushes waiting patiently for someone to fill the feeders.. So that's what we did on this beautiful Spring day :)

Now that I've had a little sunshine,I hope to do more work on the studio tomorrow.

Take care my friends :)


Cameron said...

Anything that can be scooped or involving animals is always a kid favorite!

She is adorable!

Love You To The Moon And Back said...

That is so funny. No leaves yet. I bet Jayda had fun feeding the birds or should I say I bet the birds loved Jayda!! Cute blog!!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

How sweet! It has been lovely out,hasn't it? Soon enough you'll be able to do those leaf paintings!!!! :)