Monday, March 12, 2012

Art Studio Make-over Part 1

Hi friends,
After a week of life keeping me occupied, I finally had the chance to spend some time on my Studio make-over.
Grab yer hard hat and come on in....

My studio was and is still half yellow. I never liked the color once I put it on, but it stayed that color for 6 years.
The wall you are seeing has signatures and messages written from my supportive Family & friends.
I hate to paint over it, but that yella has to go!!! (However, i will take a photo of the writings and put it in a nice lil' frame).

So far, the hardest part of this make-over has been the cleaning and prep work.
I purged lots of junk, then stored lots of junk, then i got fed up with the rest of the junk and threw a plastic drop cloth over it.
To be quite up front and honest, i think the junk is the reason it took me 6 years to start the make-over.

Though my lighting isn't the best in my studio right now, i still wanted to give you a peek at the new color.
Since the room is so small, I went with a lighter purple called "Lingering Lavender".
It's passionate and beautiful, I just love it so far..

Now you can take your hard hat off and relax with a cup of brew ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Linda said...

I love the color! It's going to look fabulous when you get it finished!

Love ya!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Looking good so far!!!! The hardest part of any redecorating is definitely the cleaning and purging and organizing! Can't wait to see more!

Cameron said...

It's going to be so much fun to play in there when it's all through! It's off to a great start!

maddyrose said...

I'd love to paint my studio that color. It's going to look great when you're finished. Can't wait to see how it's all going to turn out! This is so exciting!!!

Love You To The Moon And Back said...

This is going to look so awesome. Love the light purple. Cute idea with all the signatures! EXCITING

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Thanks all you wonderful kindreds for putting yer hard hat on and taking the tour through the constuction zone..
I hope to have more progress and pics for you soon :)


Incipient Wings said...

I cant wait to see the outcome!
the color is gorgeous!