Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little Spring, A little Winter ???


And, it looks like it may stick, but I dunno???
With all of our unusually warmer then normal Spring like days we've been having, the sun could pop up and melt her all away.

I'm up at the crack of early to enjoy it while it lasts...
I wont be playing in it, good hell NO!!!
Rather, I'll be creating some Halloween ornies. Yep, just my thang to create Halloween goodies in my jammies and hubbies big wool socks, while the snow is falling.

While were on the Halloween subject, I had an idea!!!!
The light bulb went off!!!

Check this place out, then i'll tell you my idea :)

Cooley Memorial Hospital — 25 North 100 East

Dr. A.D. Cooley opened this hospital in 1935, operating as the only acute care facility in Brigham City until 1976 when the Brigham City Community Hospital opened.

This place is E eerie cool!

When this hospital closed in 76' it was turned into apartments.. after years of neglect it went vacant and for sale..

It was recently purchased and is currently under renovation. It will have two apartments and the rest of the building will have high end business offices..

My daughter just recently rented one of the newly renovated apartments. It is so cool!

I went on a tour of the building that is still far from renovated and I'm here to tell you, it's like one of those old abandoned buildings straight from ghost hunters, except for the 2 apartments.

It's pretty eerie at night.. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

My idea was to open a year round Halloween shop ...

Downstairs In the MORGUE of course...


My daughter just kinda gave me that

" Mom, your demented look "

Since I cant get this idea outta my head, I thought I'd look into it just a bit more...

Thanks for enjoying the early morning snow and my dream with me!

Have a splendid Sunday!


maddyrose said...

OMG! Diane, this is where I came into the world and now it's going to be something else entirely. How cool is that?! I think the year round Halloween shop in the morgue is a brilliant idea! Have fun creating. Hugs

LLA Creations said...

Great idea and your Halloween work is the greatest! Early in the am is great with a cup a coffee.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Diane! How great to hear from you! Look at all that pretty snow...glad you enjoyed it. A year round Halloween shop in a morgue? Wow! It would definitely be spooky, though!

Anonymous said...

Mama, I love the IDEA!!!! :) Oh, and you. Miss you.

Zan Asha said...

Ooooh, I love that idea! What fun! Hope you can work something out...and enjoy the snow...from inside! Bwahahahaa! :D

Cameron said...

Sounds like a dream...ahem, I mean....nightmare come true! It would be a little freaky to actually have to travel down there to what used to be a real morgue! Would you be running it yourself? I think my mind would start playing tricks on me....haha!

Linda said...

Wouldn't that be soooooo cool!! I love the idea! I'm glad you got a chance for some art time!!
hope you have a great day!