Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Arts A Flutter For June = July !

Arts A Flutter For June = July ! It's true, and has had me all mixed up this month. Maybe it's because I get a Big brain fog when it comes to creating for the 4th of July. I've always just stuck a flag in my flower pots and called it good. I've been racking my marbles, to every far corner of my brain searching for just a wee little red,white & blue idea for my upcoming AAF update. There's no way I would miss an update without a good reason. Well, I was so wrapped up in red,white & blue in the brain, that I had myself thoroughly convinced the new month coming up was July, I even plum forgot it was my Birthday last week .. Gasp!! how could anyone forget their birthday? That is a day of Yum-Dilly-umptious cake to share with family & friends, newly found wrinkles to put more wrinkle cream on, and ... more wisdom under yer belt to uphold the grand-ma-ma status ! No need to fear......

My sweet hubby is here, to reminded me that I was going to be another year older;)
So I am now older and wiser and well, I think I did see one new wrinkle .... hmmmmmmm?
I guess getting one year older and wiser triggered a light bulb to turn on in my brain!!!! All I can say is YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Well why not a patriotic Snowman! Complete with a red,white & blue paper hat ;) Who cant resist a snowman in the middle of the hot summer?

Soooo, summer Snowman just ain't your thang? Well, then maybe you prefer seeing Santa on a hot Summer day, all decked out in his red,white & blues ? You heard the saying, Christmas in July :)
If you are a year round Snowman or Santa collector and really need a Patriotic one for your collection then you can visit my NEW Arts A Flutter update later today @ 1:00 pacific time.
You might like to browse around as there are so many fabulous artists with their new offerings as well. Personally, I CANT WAIT to see their creations!

Well, thanks for listening to my mumbles today, I must go and take advantage of the sunshine and work on my porch.. some are still waiting for those pics I promised :)
Have a most SPLENDID WEEK!

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day of Remembrance

And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me and I'll proudly stand next to him to defend her still today, 'cuz there ain't no doubt I love this land, god bless the USA. -Lee Greenwood

A day of remembrance to those who lost their lives for our Freedom, and to our loved ones who soar in the heavens... We honor you on this day.

My dear old dad, I remember you quietly in my heart.
You left me a gift of your memories, and little bundles of your wisdom that are unveiled to me each day, just in case I need to understand what life brings my way.

It saddens me at times that I cant lay flowers on your grave, as you were laid to rest so very far away. But, here is my favorite picture of you and me, taken not long before you were swept up to the heavens... I still try to understand, but I suppose that is how it was meant to be.
I love you dad!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Art day Saturday!

We are all creative, but by the time we are three of four years old, someone has knocked the creativity out of us. Some people shut up the kids who start to tell stories. Kids dance in their cribs, but someone will insist they sit still. By the time the creative people are ten or twelve, they want to be like everyone else. -- Maya Angelou, Unknown , 1928

It is such an amazing and very inspirational site to behold, when a child is expressing their uninhibited imagination in their world of creativity.
My niece Kylie, has been working on her first Art Doll! Every Saturday I have an Arts and Craft day at my house and Kylie has been joining in for the last 3 Saturdays. Might I add... what a Joy & bucket full of inspiration she is, I have enjoyed her so much! In this pic she is putting the final touches on her doll...

Isn't he the cutest little doll you have ever seen!!!
Kylie is interested in, all forms of Art. She can dance,sing, she has a great acting career ahead of her if that is what she chooses. Kylie also loves to paint, take pictures, and is now learning how to matt and frame her own art pieces.

I am very inspired by the way her dad supports and encourages Kylie in all of her talents.
Kylie wanted to learn how to work with paper mache and clay, so her first project was this darling doll created from paper mache.

I don't think there is anything more rewarding on Planet Earth, then to see the sheer joy in a child's face, of the accomplishement of completion, of their creative vision.

I am looking so forward to our next Art Day Saturday!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi there, my name is Albert and I will be available for adoption on the Queens Bootique June 1st. My mom even said she would pay my traveling fees.. Hmmmmmmmm.. do you think that is a hint that she wants me out of the house?

Update: Albert, didn't make it to the Bootique.. A loving family really wanted him to go live at their house, so I packed his bags and he will be traveling across America this Tuesday ;)
I wont have anything for the Bootique update since Albert is leaving, but please check out all the other Queens offerings on JUNE 1st. .. They are spectacular!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Evening Drive...

Mr. Mac and I were bored senseless.Not that we didn't have deadlines to meet, or an over grown lawn to mow. Those things just didn't sound fun at the time, we wanted adventure!!! So, we decided to go for a drive... We went up to our favorite campground site just see how much water was up there. The creek that runs through the campground was roaring, and a couple of camp sites were closed due to flooding, but many more were open and perfect, just waiting for the big weekend..and sooo perfect, that every one of them was reserved. Sorry, I didn't get pics of the campground, but if you look at the pic above and see the mountains in the background that should give you an idea of where we were.
We continued our trek out west, a few miles out of town. I had heard from Mr. Mac that the Bear River was really high, and I really wanted to see with my own two eyeballs how high it really was.. Well gad darn.... It was the highest i had ever seen in my 45 years of life! There once was a boat dock, and a road, and paths, and a bank to sit on while fishing for that big Catfish????

I guess we could fish from the bridge?

We drove down a little further and across the highway to another favorite spot we like to fish on the Bear River. Along the sides of the river used to be nice embankments to sit upon while cooking a can of Ravioli's in the campfire.We could still do that, but we would have to fish by the campfire on the road. Not so sure that would go over well with the Fish & Game..lol

Well heck, I had a blast of a time with Mr.Mac!!! And I love all the pics he took for me on his phone.
We headed back to town, hung a sharp left into the local grocery store to pick up some Moose tracks ice cream to finish the night off.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WIP-ing things up!

A week of rainy, and much cooler weather, has temporarily taken me away from my porch project to the cozy indoor warmth of my studio. It is a good thing that it has been rainy because I tend to loose track of time, and just around the corner are several upcoming deadlines.. Thanks for saving my butt Mr. Rain ;)
I've had a blast working with my new sculpting tools as I was down to my fingernail and a straight pin for my tools.
The above pics are some creations I am working on for the Queens Bootique and Ebay. I have added bodies to the spooky heads since this pic, but I think I will save the end results to share just before they become available for purchase.

I thought I would share this pic of a WIP. I purchased both the wooden mask and the cool tray at a second hand store. When I took the wooden mask up to the cash register, the clerk was totally freaked out by it. She told me it was SOoooo scary, and I said with oodles of excitement "Yes it is, I love it " She looked at me like I was the Devil in disguise . I had to chuckle to myself, little does she know that I am a Halloween artist and will transform the mask into something even more spookier..BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
I loved the tray and could not pass it up. I have given it a base coat, and am anxious to paint a Hallo*Weeny design.

Wishing you all a fun and creative day!

Monday, May 23, 2011


My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the community of Joplin, Missouri.
I cant even imagine the sheer terror, and the immense suffering and pain that has hit the town in a matter of seconds.
My sweet fellow artist and friend Lisa, who has touched me deeply through her art, words of encouragement and great humor, lives in Joplin. I am so thankful that she and her family are safe.
My prayers go up for all of the many communties that have been raveged by the tornadoes and flooding this Spring.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.
–George Bernard Shaw

I received my new sculpting tools in the mail the other day.. I had wanted them so desperately.. as I sunk my fingers into the moist clay and proceeded to use my new sculpting tools, it was like I had taken the Nestea plunge.. Pure Heaven!!! :)

I hope you have a wonderfully creative day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Emerging from the Man Cave!

It's that time of year when our beloved men emerge from their Man Cave, and step out into the Great Outdoors!!!
Well ,why not give him a great start and give the best Father's Day gift ever! A Custom Handmade & Carved Firestarter !!! If your Dad or Hubby is an outdoorsy fella, I guarentee he will love it!

To set your mind at ease, Alan only uses the Antler sheds, no big brown eyed Bambi's were hurt for his Firestarters.

This Firestarter is now available on Ebay . You get the Custom handmade & carved firestarter, Alan has also put together a kit of Jute twine, Vaseline soaked cotton balls and a carrying pouch to keep it all together in one place.

This gorgeous, yet rugged firestarter has an old time feel. It has been finished to look as if it were passed down from Grandpa. A firestarter is a camping and survival essential for your outdoorsman. It is handcrafted, hand carved, turquoise inlay and as an added feature you can see, Alan has inlaid a compass on the top of the handle, just in case the woods get lost ;)

To find out more about Alan & his firestarters click here
To visit the auction click here

Enjoy your camping adventures!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Forgot!

I have had so much fun this past week with Alan being on Vacation, that I forgot to list my weekly auctions on Ebay !
We have been focusing mainly on getting the outside cleaned up and haven't done a whole lot of Art. I thought I had better get this lute listed before I have to start dusting them ;)
This Sassy little Witch is my favorite she is a " Halloween Queen "

Here is another Halloween Queen, in a Cute & Funky style. A perfect ornie to add flare ;)

Trailing along in third, is my LAST EVER hand carved Gourd Santa... I found that I am highly allergic to the gourd dust that is created while carving... so for now on it will be sculpted gourd Santa's. This fellow is Springy and cheerful and a little late since Easter has come and gone. However, I thought that would not matter to the Santa Collector.
All of these collectibles are available now on Ebay :)

Now back to work for me, I have a ugly porch calling my name!

Wishes for a Marvelous Monday!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nannie Dianie Retires!

My little Angels is what I call them! They are certainly a gift from heaven. My Hubby and I, have taken care of the middle three since they were newborn bundles of joy.. Four days a week they fill our quiet house with giggles & laughter, pidder pattering of feet, and at times a bit of crying. They bring much joy to my Hubby and I. This pic is my favorite, it was taken on a Sunday dinner day, and I had over indulged in sooo much good food that I had to lay down for just a minute before even thinking of doing the dishes, within minutes, one by one, my little Angels joined me.
As times are tough for so many right now, it is also true for my household.. I've had to make a very difficult decision based on several issues, one being that I need more time to create art, and sell art to contribute our finances, more time to keep my house and yard up, and mostly which is the hardest and most painful to admit, is my deteriorating knees.
I spoke with my daughters the other day to let them know that in a month I would not be watching the little ones anymore.
It was the hardest thing I had to do in quite awhile. The daughter that I thought would take the news the best.. cried. I felt so bad :(
I will miss having the little ones running through the house on a week to week basis, but will definitely look forward to their monthly sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hard Hat Required!

Have you noticed that I've been playing hookie from the studio lately... It's SPRING and...
My Fugly Front Porch has been calling my name, saying, " It's time for a Re-do!!!"

Can you believe that this is how we have been welcoming our guests? The grandkids think it's very COOL!..lol...

There was a time..about 6 years ago to be exact, that I was partial to GREEN... Not So Much Anymore!

I never really cared for this type of railing, and I don't have the funds to replace it at this time. But I'm sure there is something we can do on a frugal budget that will look better then it is right now, dont'cha think?

Well, I guess I'd better get busy so I have some make-over pic's to show you :)

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination".
Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fresh air...

We had a lovely week of Spring weather... I am not so sure what the temps were, but all I know, is it was warm & beautiful!

I have been anxiously awaiting for the temps to be warm enough to sink my fingers into the dirt, and that is just what I did on Friday morning :) I have many flower beds to clean out, spiff up and prepare for new flowers and bark.
My goal was to get the front flower bed done on Friday, minus the planting of the flowers and bark.. I'll do the planting after Memorial day ;)

I had to get a little creative and repaint a few of my garden and yard decor'. I am sticking with the "use what you have" motto as much as possible this year, so I went down to the storage room, dug real deep and found some spray paint..

And when my husband came home from work he said 3 words, " Everything's real Yellow" Then my mother came over to visit and she said one word " YELLOW" I am re- thinking the use what you have motto..lol...
Needless to say, I spent art day Saturday toning down all the yellow....?????

We will get back to that on another post :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's in May

Mothers are the place that we call home.
On them we rest our heads and close our eyes.
There's no one else who grants the same soft peace,
Happiness, contentment, sweet release,
Erasing nighttime tears with lullabies,
Restoring the bright sun that makes us bloom.

"Mother Millie and Babycakes" is my newest Halloween Ornament creation for Ebay, In honor of all the spooky Halloween loving Mama's out there :)
I also decided in honor of Mother's day, to have Free Shipping on all my creations for Ebay through the month of May!
Wishing you a Happy Monday and a blessed month of May :)