Monday, January 31, 2011

Lots A Lute!

What do you do when it is Foggy outside? You create LOTS OF LUTE!!! Well at least I do, because Fog SCARES me.... Shudder......
I have a few new items listed at different Venues..

And I do, LOve each and every one of Yer Guts!!! This Dashing JOL Candy Container is a Newbie on Ebay!

Yes, Witches celebrate Valentines Day too! She has her eye on a certain Warlock.. This little Witch Ornament is also a Newbie on Ebay. Also, while you are there, check out my husbands New listings. He has a Hand carved Acorn Button and a hand carved Pendant!

Arts A flutter updates today @ 12:30 Pacific time :) Making her debut is this Bugs& Kisses Candy Container Featuring a funky little Butterfly.
Also on Arts A Flutter is this Snowman Candy Container, he is sure to melt your heart.

"Gourd Snowman Candy Container"

"Gourd Chick Easter Basket"
You can find both of these Gourd creations in my Etsy Shop!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happily Ever After

This was a fun piece to create... While creating this sweet Snow couple, I thought about my husband, and how lucky I am to share my life with such a wonderful man.
This Snow Couple have been together for many, many Winters. I believe they will live "Happily Ever After" don't you?
Available on Ebay.

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.
Robert Browning

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New " Valentine " On Ebay And Etsy !

Hello! I have a special treat to show you :) This is a Fire Starter, handmade and carved by my very talented husband. Alan is a Woodcarver, he creates the most beautiful pieces. You can visit his blog to see more of his wonderful creations and carvings. If you or your Husband or, sweetheart are outdoors man, and love to camp, fish or just roast marshmallows by the campfire, then this is a unique and most perfect gift, that the recipient will love and cherish.. and probably brag about while on an outdoor adventure. No need for matches ever again, strikes a flame even in the dampest conditions. All of Alan's Fire Starter's come in a Kit which includes, a hand crocheted bag in Earthy palette, embellished with deer antler button made from a deer shed,and Elk-hide lacing. 3 different types of fire starter materials and the hand crafted and carved SHED Antler fire steel and striker in a hand crafted and carved Oak Sheath.
This is now available on Ebay.

Here are a couple of Valentine cuties! They are candy Containers, perfect to tuck a little sweetness into :) They are also available on Ebay.

Well lookie here.. A *PINK* Bug ! This Bug and kisses Candy Container along with more, can be found in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for looking :)
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Snowy Friday To YOU America!

I thought I could say that, as it seems almost every state is getting hit with the fluffy white, dare I say
* Goodness* I am not fond of driving in the snow, but I do think it is BEAUTIFUL!

I haven't posted for a few days, as I have really been in the * Creative Zone *
I have been dolling up a few finds from the second hand store, that will eventually be the decor in my studio re-do.
I have been practicing my crocheting , and realize that I need LOTS of help & I promised pics in the earlier post and I haven't forgot? I'm just trying to make something cute to

Lets see... OH' I have been working on some FUN items for my new Etsy shop, some Bug & Kisses Candy Containers for Ebay and a few other Valentine Goodies that will make their way for purchase. I hope to get these goodies listed this evening, (crossing my fingers )
I will share pics and the links when I list them.

With all this snow dancing around in the air, I am getting a warm & cozy Domestic Goddess feeling coming over me.. I am sure my hubby would be thrilled if I acted upon this feeling, as lately it has been a rare feeling :) He is a lover of all things sweet , what man isn't ?
Today, With the love of my life in mind,I am Making...

This is the recipe I am using today!
I will be adding some chocolate chips..Mmmmm!
& if it wasn't a snowy day, I'd pick up some Maraschino Cherries to chop up and fold into the batter.. the cherries, add a wonderful flavor to the bread.

What do you do on these Snowy days?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

*Love Potion*

Love is in the air...... IF IT'S NOT, maybe you should pick up a little * LOVE POTION*

Have you ever seen a Cherub Snowman? Well I did! As I was gazing down at our ice covered pond, I caught a glimpse of the cutest little creature I ever did see.. he was dashing to and fro , and sometimes he would playfully hide behind a tree.. As I watched him dance here and there, with a big smile on his face, I could tell he wasn't a threat. I had to get a closer look at this mysterious little white being.. I crept slowly down our winding path and to my surprise I could see... He was the cutest little Cherub snowman and he blew a big kiss to me.

And that is how I was inspired to create this piece :)
This lovely Valentine decor,is available now on Ebay. click on any of the pics to visit my Ebay auction.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In the Long Run...

~Hallmark Galleries~

It all started a week before Christmas... when all through the house, a green creature with great big teeth, gobbled us up , showing no mercy, not even for my spouse..

We moaned and groaned, tossed and turned, tried to cough up that big green germ..
off to the doctor we go.. back and forth, back and forth, oh no! is there any end insight... I sure hope so!

As I returned from the doctors for the third time,I promised myself, I will not whine.
I wondered if this green creature with great big teeth could possibly be a curse?
Hmmmmmmmmmm.. probably not, but IN THE LONG RUN, I think it would be cheaper to hire a live in nurse.

Thanks for listening, I just had to let it out :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do You Like PINK? COME SEE!!!!

Isn't this PINK & PURDY ? Well, I love it... and I wasn't going to say anything to you all because, I want to WIN it...However, the horns faded away as the halo rose above my head and whispered...., now Dianie, is that any way to be? I, crinkled my one eyebrow and said back to myself.... no..... it's not :(
Now that my fleeting moment of selfishness has fluttered away,

I share with you all, the news of this WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY over at Thimbleprims . She is giving away this gorgeous pink beaded amulet bag. Isn't it GREAT?
so head on over for the details on many chances to win..
And from the bottom of my heart.. best of LUCK ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Hooked!

**~~~*~~~"Art is an experience"~~~*~~~**
My sister-in-law, Linda "Linda's Creative Niche" picked up a crochet needle several weeks before Christmas. I was, and still am AMAZED at her natural talent with this art. She has made so many cute treasures from hats, scarfs, baby sacks and more...
She encouraged me to give it a try.. well, I want to try everything you know, but I was skeptical to begin to learn something knew, as I have sworn to myself to focus on my sculpted creations as I am EASILY She continued to tell me how relaxing it is.. Okay, okay.. she didn't have to twist my arm too long.. My next trip to Wally World, I picked up a crochet hook and a thingy of yarn..
WELL All I CAN SAY IS.... I'M HOOKED!!!!!!! I have made a what I call the UGLY DUCK Coffee cup cozie and a little thank you gift, pocket purse for a wonderful customer & collector and I am now working on a fun, cute and Funky purse for my granddaughter to put away for Christmas next year.
ARE you wondering where the pics are of my projects? I will show you in a day or two.. even my UGLY DUCK coffee cozie... I am still working on the purse for my granddaughter and it has a sweet surprise that comes with it..
So when it is complete, I will show*n*tell....
I have found this ART to be extremely relaxing. Often, I cannot sleep, I will be up until 3 0r 4 in the morning working in my studio.. With crocheting an hour in the evening, curled up with a cozy blanket, I can wind down and be in bed before midnight.
I know many of you, already practice the art of crocheting,but if you have never tried it, I would encourage you to pick up a hook and a thingy of yarn and "GET HOOKED"!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


~~~~ BUGS and KISSES, BUGS and KISSES. ~~~

I have just listed on Ebay a few, Sweet as the dickens, Candy Containers from my "Bugs and Kisses" collection.

MMMMMMMMMMMM... a yummy gift when you fill it with sweets! And they are the most irresistibly CUTE Little Buggers to look at, even if you don't like BUGS!

Moving on from cute... to a Sexy little Valentine Mermaid. I created this little beauty in my own likeness...

NOT!!! I was just kidding, it's late and I'm dreaming :)

I mean from a Banana Gourd! She has jet black hair with PEEK-A-BOO highlights in a deep burgandy.. a sculpted Mermaid tail from paperclay, secured a top a seashell.

If you would like any of these Valentine treasures to comr to your house, you can click on any of the pics and it will take you to my auction. The candy containers also have a buy-it-now option.
Wishing you all a fantastic day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

An unbelievable Giveaway!

My friend Lisa Lectura is having a LOVELY giveaway! She will be giving away to some lucky soul, this gorgeous Angel painting.
Lisa is an amazing artist.. you can get lost, when you look into the eyes of one of beautiful and lovely paintings and Lisa is the kindest person you could ever meet. Simply click on the sweet pic to visit Lisa blog for a chance to win!