Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi, I've missed you!

Well Good mornin'!!!!

I've missed you all so much.

I'd like to thank you all for your kind comments. You all brighten my day. I am so sorry I have been so slow to email you back :)

I have had very little play time on the computer .You see, we recently got guardianship of our 2 year old granddaughter.

My other two grandchildren and my daughter already are staying with us, so with two, 2 year olds and 4 year old, I am sneaking my " ME" time in the early AM. or if I'm not too tired in the PM.

Truth is... I forgot what it was like to have little ones running about, I really don't think i have to worry about exercise, as I'm getting plenty of cardiovascular exercise right here at home.

My hats go off to all MOMMY'S especially those mommy's who are organized..because this grandma is a scattered mess, lol...

Which brings me to this!!!

Some of you may have seen this banner on my sidebar. At the time this was a sure go, but with the new and recent changes in my home life, I will have to cancel the sale as I have no idea if I will have a second to post that day.

Instead, I will be opening my Etsy shop tomorrow and adding new items as often as I can.

I will be offering darling candy containers and other items. They will ALL be under $ 4.99

I will add a Etsy gadget to my blog so you can see when I get them listed:)

Oakie doak, I have to go run.......

Have a most wonderful weekend!


idrawpix said...

Oh my Dianie, you are BUSY!! Sounds a little bit like fun, though, too!
Thanks for visiting my blog on one of your precious "breaks". Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Cameron said...

Busy, busy....what the heck is retirement, right?! Though you are exhausted and things are is so wonderful to have your family so close at hand...

My parents only get to see my daughter twice a month now that we've moved.....they always comment on how big she has gotten everytime they see her :)

Can't wait to see what you'll have in the shop!!!!
Have a great weekend!

Zan Asha said...

WOW! Diane!! Lots and lots of changes!! Haha, and here I am saying you are NOT old enough to be a grandmother!!! Well, sounds like you are having a grand, if crazy, time with your family, but I am sure you're enjoying it!

Good good stuff--will be waiting to see what you have available!

Georgina said...

Dianie, you are now a member of a very special group of grandparents, exceptional grands!!

My hat off to you for your love and will be sending lots of positive energy, since you'll need it!! LOL

God bless you and yours....your grandchildren are very lucky little ones. And don't worry about emailing me have lots more important things to do!!


Gourdqueen said...

I don't see how you do it!! When I have my two precious grandies for a few days I am pooped!
You are indeed a very special lady!
Wuvs ya!

LLA Creations said...

You are one special person / Grandma! Hope you and your family have a great Holiday.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

So many life changes. I missed you, too. You are an amazing person - and I know you do right by your grandkids. They are fortunate to have you! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

AliciaArtShop said...

:) BIG smiles... I'm so glad you are going to list more items on ETSY! That's where I sell most of my work and I'm there all the time... so I can check out your new listings more frequently.

Busy busy family life! You are great at catching the "smile" moments and I think that's great.
Hugs to you, Alicia