Sunday, November 27, 2011

Enjoying the Season!

Usually this time of year is when I am a blogging fool.
But, this year i will be slowing down to enjoy and soak up all the fun & cheer the season brings with my family.
My art will be slowing down as well ( It already has, lol..). Instead, I will be focusing on creating Christmas presents.
I will have a few items for my Etsy, and a few for ebay within the week, but that will be the last until the new year.

Almost all of our gifts will be handmade or purchased second hand with a little re-do finesse.
Except, for the toy Play Kitchen. I just didn't think I would have time for it, so we saw one in the Black Friday adds and thought we would fight the crowd.
My hubby and I got a late start on the Black Friday sale and by the time we got there the play kitchen we wanted for our granddaughter was gone.. I was a bit disappointed, but thought no biggie we will go with our original plan and make her one.. all we needed was an old second hand microwave cart, which I have been looking for over the past couple of months. They seem to be few and far between, but never the less we would keep looking.
Off to the second hand store we went for one more gander. What we found was so much better. We found a Little tykes play kitchen in prestine condition for only $5.00 . I latched on to it and was not letting go. Alan went up and paid for it, then had it wheeled to the back for pick up. A little bit of dish soap and Wallahhh!!! A Brand me new play kitchen from Santa ;

Enjoy your Holiday Season :)


sassypackrat said...

That kitchen was a great find! I found a vintage wooden dry kitchen at a rummage sale for $8.00 for my nephew and he just loves it. Enjoy your family time and Happy Holidays to you!

Cameron said...

Love it when things work out so perfectly like that!! Yay for all of Santa's cute, sneaky little elves, you ;P

Zan Asha said...

Happy Holidays, my friend! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself.

Yes, after this week I am off to see my parents for a month so I am excited as well to enjoy the holidays and there will probably be less art on this end, as well!

Have fun!! :)

Linda said...

Glad you are enjoying the season! It is the most magical time of the year!!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I am glad you will be taking a little time to enjoy family and the seasons. What a great find that kitchen was! Sometimes things just work out for the best. It was great to be able to give the set a new home (I always think of Toy Story 3) with someone most eager to love it. :)