Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did you Survive?

After nearly 10 cookies and a few raids from the candy bowl.... My belly barely survived!

I've been running around all morning trying to burn off the mega calories I consumed last night..

Our night was fun as like every Halloween.. Surprisingly, we had a lot of trick or treater's
visit the ol' homestead..
They were all sportin' some pretty cool costumes.
There was one little tyke that was so dang cute..he was dressed like a Lion. It was his first Halloween and he was about 1 years old.. His mom was teaching him how to trick or treat.. he bent down over the candy bowl, and with one hand at a time he dug his hand into the bowl and grabbed a handful.. then the other hand.. his tiny little hands must have had 3 bite size bars in each hand.. This little tyke has it down pat! Lol...

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and it is a spectacular kick off to the Holiday season...

I'd like to wish you all a Happy November 1st.


maddyrose said...

One of our first little visitors was dressed like a skunk. She had to have been as young as your lion and she had the double handfull trick mastered by the time she made it to our house. I think the little ones are the most fun. It's when the older ones do the double handfull bit I have to remind them to save some for the next spooky visitor. I think I made a trip or two to the treat bowl myself and will do a couple extra miles on the bike today.

MLBetterly said...

Yep, we survived. I walked the neighborhood with my daughters last night. About half as many houses participated this year that did last year. Disappointing. So, I decided next year I'm having a party for neighbors, the kids and their friends. Gotta make Halloween fun again!

Cameron said...

We had a great time! This was our first Halloween in this neighborhood, so it was nice to see other houses all lit up with spooky spirit (though ours was the scariest...heehee)
Maggie was so excited! She was wishing everyone she passed a Happy Halloween, she didn't step on anyone's grass (and we didn't even remind her not to) and she was sure to say thank you....we were so proud of her :D

Love your little goblin!

Zan Asha said...

Hello Ms. Dianie! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Our Halloween turned out to be very quiet--a nice dinner and then some zombie movies and Harry Potter! So, not too crazy!

Sounds like you had fun! Aren't kids and grandkids the best? :)