Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello Monday!

I sure do hope your enjoying your favorite cup of brew, while visiting your blogging kindreds.

I'm savoring a fresh, hot cup of Folgers with a sprinkle of cinnamon... it's sooo good & certainly gives a warm, cozy feeling while listening to the raindrops as you're typing....

Did you all have a splendid weekend?

Our weekend was better then we could have asked for ...
our home is no longer a quiet place since our daughter and Grandchildren moved in.. Not at all.. We have Tons of laughter, tears, and the day to day chaos that comes from scurrying about with chores and you know, that everyday stuff we do in our homes.

Though, Alan and I had been empty nester's long enough to get used to a quiet routine and home life... the children under foot, the echos of family chitter-chattering, and sometimes pure chaos that will make your eyes roll into the back of your head..
I wouldn't change for anything in the world.

Sunday morning we decided to mark a couple of things off our "Bucket List".

I packed us up a nice Picnic consisting of fried chicken, baked beans, salad in a jar, 7 UP biscuits and some yep, you guessed it, Pumpkin chocolate chip pecan cookies! Recipe's here

We loaded the the Fam and our kindred friend and her daughter into the trusty Durango ,off to the hills we went.

The day was pleasantly cool... There was cloud cover for the better part of the day, casting off a smoky blue/ gray sky around us. As we walked deeper into the woods the yellows , browns and fading pale green leaves against the dark wood and blue gray sky, set the stage for a most mystical and magical nature walk... I expected to see a glimpse of a woodland fairy.

The autumn picnic and nature walk was magical!
A great way to get rejuvenated and be ready to say....

Hello to Monday!

Wishing you all a great day :)


Lisa said...

Mondays are great, I actually look forward to Mondays...You had a great weekend, and it's what life and family is all about, taking the day to live!!!


maddyrose said...

I can picture your outing and it sounds like fun. I'm going to have to try the recipe for the cookies as it has most of my favorite things for fall baking. I might even try it out today. Have a great week.

Love You To The Moon And Back said...

Diane, looks like you had a wonderful time on your picnic. Beautiful picture. Without chaos life would be boring. LOL glad you had time to enjoy nature and family. It is a beautiful time of year for sure with all the autumn leaves changing.Love you guys.!!! Peggy

Cameron said...

Sounds like Bliss! I'm not sure what I'll do with myself when my daughter is all grown and on her own....
I think that wherever she moves, I'll have to move, too, for fear of missing her too much!

Those cookies sound divine, Diane!! All my favorite things rolled into one :)

MLBetterly said...

It was nice walking along with you as you described your weekend. With the heat still upon us here in Florida and my crazy work schedule at the moment, I long for a day like the one you had this weekend. Thank you for letting me live it through you.