Fluffy meets Shabby

The shabby coffee dyed papers meet the the elegant, magical willowy feather boa on this Snowman Ornament. I think I just might LOVE the look.
what do you think?

I had promised I would post my new creation last evening.. I' have an excuse, really i do!

I'll be darned if my email wasn't doing everything to keep me out of it!!!
And, I know that really doesn't have anything to do with uploading pics onto your blog, but I had important emails and my Boo update pics to get emailed.. so needless to say, I was one so obsessed lunatic.

All is well now...

And here is the debut of my newest creation.
O' I couldn't even begin to capture the magic with the camera.
I created him with paper clay and various papers, including some that I hand dyed and had so much fun getting blue hands.. Love getting my fingers into creative mischief..
I was a mud puddle girl..
What about you? Can you resist getting your hands dirty with artsy goodness?
We should have a ooey goo, get yer hands dirty artsy farsty kind of party!

Anyways, back to this little snowman ornament,
he is available for adoption over on Ebay.
I generally start my auctions at 99 cents,
However, mister snowman was really having a fit about that & I finally gave in and did the auction his way.. He comes with attitude too!

You can visit him here.

It's already Friday.. I can't believe it! Boy how time fly's by when you keep yourself busy.

I hope you have yourself a splendid day!


maddyrose said…
I love this snowman. He's perfect. I'm about to suggest we do a snowman swap as I'd love to get my hands on one of yours.
I've always been a get my hands dirty kind of gal. I has a scabby knees dirty face runny nose wild hair little kid and haven't changed much over the years. Have a great weekend and keep making snowmen as you're terrific at it.
Cameron said…
He is adorable!!! I love the look of the papers and fluff!!

I love it when I've been creating and I go out to run an errand or pick up my daughter...and I have bits of paint in my hair...and colored fingers....it just invites questions...
Go ahead, people, I dare you to ask me what I've been up to...heehee!
He is just precious!!!! I love his sweet face!!! I love all the papers you used and the feathers!!!! :) Happy Halloween weekend to you and yours!
Diane he is so cute:) I love the fluffy feathers.Cute as always!!
Incipient Wings said…
He's beautiful Diane!
Thank you for stopping by last night:)
Have a happy Halloween .

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