Monday, September 12, 2011

Working under pressure!

Yep, I should be working as tomorrow is the deadline for my offerings over at the Queens Bootique. I'm looking over at my art table, and my goodies are 3/4 of the way done.. While my coffee is brewing ( I know this will be an all nighter) I thought I would ramble a little bit and let you in on my life happenings...
We had a fun weekend! it was Peach days here in our little town. A weekend filled with festivities and a carnival. I love carnivals, it is the best place, besides Walmart to do people watching.. yes, I'm a watcher.. I love to see peoples facial expressions because everyone is so unique.
We had a corn dog because they looked so dang good, and they were, but my tummy didn't think so. I think it was in shock with all the grease since i have been changing my eating habits and all...
Speaking of eating habits.. the weight is coming off ever so slowly, but I did break the 200 mark. I am now a voluptuous 199..
Sooooo to celebrate, today I treated myself to a haircut.
My niece is back in hair school and she fit me in on my whim, which was so sweet of her. She gave me the cutest haircut I think I have ever had. I LOVE IT!!! Next Monday I am scheduled for a facial :)
I am really enjoying my gran-kids living here and i notice that I have WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more patience with the grandies then i did with my own children, even when i get a candy bar thrown right smack into my eyeball.
I thought that I would have less time to do my art with the little munchkins running about, but if anything has interfered with my production it has been me using poor time management, although little Kasen does knock on my studio door every ten minutes asking me if I'm ready for a
Well by golly the coffee is done and this was my whole weekend.. A Carnival, people watching, a greasy corn dog, a fantastic haircut and a candy bar in the eyeball..
I'll be showing some pics in a day or two of the goodies i complete tonight..
Sweet dreams..........


Frosted Petunias said... tummy doesn't do very well with greasy stuff either but congratulations on breaking 200! That's wonderful! I'm sure your art creations are going to be amazing. Best of luck on your all nighter :)

maddyrose said...

Peach Days, that brings back memories. I remember the peaches from Utah being the best I've ever eaten and they're wonderful in pies. We used to stop at a diner between Ogden and Brigham where they served some of the best peach pie I've ever had. I wonder if it's still there. Congratulations on breaking 200! I can't seem to loose an ounce so I'm really impressed with your success. Good luck with meeting your deadline. Have a great week. Hugs

Lisa said...

Knock-knock! are you ready for a break yet? I love Diane! It's the fabric of our lives, and I think we would be lost without these goings on! So maybe we work better with the pressure of a deadline, but the little ones...I would never have tolerated my own children doing things like that to me either!
Burn the midnight oil, and get it done!
Oh, its great about the lbs...good for you.