Saturday, September 24, 2011

Porch Burgler!

There is a "Porch Burglar" in the neighborhood!
Yep, I have been decorating my porch for Fall and it was looking pretty darn cute, I guess SO CUTE that someone decided they must have some of my cherished treasures.
I had a pair of ex-large finials and get this a large Angel! WHO STEALS ANGELS? Obviously someone who needs God and Angels in their life...
I guess I will be visiting the thrift stores to find me some new treasures to re-purpose for my porch.. I will be VERY Careful though, as to not make them so cute, for the porch burglar without a conscience.
Oakie Doak, enough ranting and raving..
My job hunt hasn't started.. I guess I am reluctant, maybe but for sure bright & early Monday. I did however make a list of places I would like to apply, so that is a start :)
I haven't had much time to create, but will have some time today!!! Wahooo.
I did have a little time to play on the computer with one of my past creations and make a design for a Halloween bookmark.
if you would like to copy it for yourself or give to a friend please feel free.
I like to print them off, then add a little paint, glitter, chalk. Then laminate and add a fun tassel. It makes a cute gift tied to your Halloween treat bags.

Well I will leave with saying; make sure your porch decor isn't too cute, smile a lot, and press on!


Love You To The Moon And Back said...

Diane that's horrible about your porch burgler. We have problems at our cemetary with stealers. Every year for decoration day someone steals the items off Ed's mom and dad's grave.We had a really nice triple heart hanger that was stolen, baskets and flowers. I have a heart hanger identical on my mom's grave and it is still there.They must not have a guilty conscience.Stealing from the dead is pretty messed up.Hate to be them in the last days.Hope you catch your burgler.To bad he didn't get caught in a spider web.!!!Hope everything else is going well. Good luck on your job search. Love, Peg

maddyrose said...

For shame!! I'm sorry to hear there are people out there who would stoop so low as to steal someone's porch decorations. That is unthinkable. I hope mine aren't attractive enough to tempt someone taking off with them. Your creations are pretty tempting so....

Light and Shadow Studio said...

That makes me so mad to think someone would do that! Years ago someone stole a lighted candy cane from our Christmas display. Every time I saw someone with one in their yard I wondered if it was ours! I guess the best attitude is to assume they really NEEDED it. Good luck on the job search, Diane.
Hugs, Tammy

Georgina said...

I hate when people, for some reason, think they feel more entitled than others, ie., your porch burglar. Around here, that sort of thing happens all the time. I had a neighbor many years ago, who had a cement vase for her outdoor was beautiful, but someone decided they needed it come on, cement???!!! Hope they're still suffering from their hernia or slipped discs!! LOL You'd be surprised what people will take..that's why I don't hang anything outside on my door....just too tempting for those of weak heart and morals!!

Good luck on the job hunt and have a good week.


Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Thank you for your message so that I could find your blog. Love your work - especially the Santas {I believe!}. I guess this "porch predicament" is a compliment in a way. Of all the years I've been decorating my porch, I've never had anything taken! Guess I'd better up my game! Ha ha. So great to "meet" you.

Warmly, MIchelle

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Are you serious? Someone actually went all the way onto your porch and stole things? That is very disheartening. Not to mention that it was an ANGEL they stole! I always found it ironic when people stole bibles from the bookstore (yes, they actually did!). Hope you can find some lovely replacements.

Cameron said...

It does seem that anything not locked down is fair game these days....I'm so sorry...

On a high note for me....that ornie on your bookmark looks like mine! I was lucky enough to win a skellie from you last year.

I hung him up this year and am thoroughly enjoying him!

Thank you :D