Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi there, I hope you all have had a fantastic week.
I don't have any pics to share this evening, but that isn't going to stop me from yakking.
Alan had today off, so last night we decided on the spur of the moment to head up to the campgrounds and get us spot overnight.
After being nearly pulverized by a freaking crazy dude on a 4 wheeler, by golly we found the best spot ever! Yeah! I'll tell you about the lunatic on the 4 wheeler. We were headed down from docks flat on a narrow road. I was driving and my side was the side with the 500ft drop off or cliff what ever, it scares me.. I could see a car coming in front of us so I got over as far as i could and all of a sudden this maniac on 4 wheeler races out from behind the car and tried to pass and HELLO here we are right head on in front of him. I came to a screeching halt , and that 4 wheeler barely squose in between us and the other car. I thought it was going to be bad, thank goodness it wasn't. I felt like turning the truck around and chasing him down, but I didn't because that would have been considered road
Ahhh yes, Back to the perfect spot.. well this camping spot was amazing!!! It was completely secluded with a little path that led down to a creek. I was in heaven and the dogs LOVED it.. yes even my sassy little Beverley hills chihuahua put on her big girl outfit and enjoyed herself. We are going to make a camper out her yet.
It's perfect weather right now for camping, the nights get a little nippy, but with a campfire it's perfect! Next Tuesday I am going to have the truck packed and ready to go so we can get up to the same spot in the early afternoon.. I plan on taking my art supplies with me and take advantage of the beautiful outdoors before Old man winter sets in.
I have the dog-gone cutest ghost figurine that i am working on right now, I hope to get him finished and listed on Ebay by Saturday morning . Oh...... and I almost forgot to mention.. I am also working on a SURPRISE ;)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.


MLBetterly said...

Oh my gosh, I would have had a heart attack! What an idiot! Anyway, glad you had a chance to go camping. We never go camping anymore. :( Enjoy it Tuesday!

Incipient Wings said...

glad you're alright:)
cant wait to hear your surprise.
have a great day.

Georgina said...

That must have been frightening....jerk!! Well, I admire you for liking the great, well, not so much!! My idea of roughing it is the Holiday Inn!! LOL I did lots of camping when I was a folks loved it and I did too till I turned 15 and my interested quickly changed!!

We have these good friends who are always trying to get us out and camp in the far, we've politely refused. LOL

Well, can't wait to see your new stuff and have a great weekend, reading about your adventures.


maddyrose said...

I'm glad everything turned out alright. There are some drivers out there that should not be allowed on the roads. Sounds like you found the perfect stop to set up camp. I'm not a camper but right about now I'd love getting away to some nice quiet place to enjoy nature. Have a great weekend.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Gee! I am happy you are fine. That's the most important thing. Can't wait to learn of your surprise. :)