Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Along Came A Spider!!!

And is hanging beside her...

This is Bernice & her Spider Herbie.
I finally have something to offer over at the Queens Bootique. I think I have missed the last couple of listings, ( Shame on me ).
I believe the listings update by Noon tomorrow the 15th, but just in case I am wrong, you may want to check earlier as I'm pretty sure the other Queens have some Fantastic OOAK Halloween offerings you wont want to miss out on!!!

This is my other offering for the Bootique. The theme for this month is Sugar skulls. I've never really done a sugar skull, but find them to be very eye catching.
I chose to do my sugar skull as an ornie, I guess that's not hard to believe as most of my work is
This little guy that I named " Sugar" is really quite fun. His head is a tiny gourd and his body is created from Apoxie sculpt as well as the facial features. I added a joint between his head and body, any time he is bumped or moved he busts out some serious moves, dancing away.. pretty darn cute. His arms and legs are poseable and I think he would be so cute hanging from a rear view mirror.
I would like to invite you all to fly on over to the Queens Bootique and see all the Fantastical Halloween creations! It will be a fun shopping day in the castle :)

I am taking Thursday and Friday off from creating to catch up on my domestic Goddess duties, including decorating for FALL.
Since the fall decorating is in the mix, I'm pretty darn excited about my domestic duties :)

Have you started your Fall decorating? Do you have a favorite figurine or ornament that you can hardly wait to bring out of storage?


MLBetterly said...

Bernice is fabulous! Oh my gosh! look at those eye lashes. Love her. The skelly is pretty cool too! I love all of the bright colors.

maddyrose said...

These are some really cute offerings. I adore Bernice and her flirty eye lashes and Herbie should be the role model for spiders then perhaps they wouldn't have such a bad rep. I'm not sure what a Sugar skull is but who cares? I love this little ornie.
I did most of my domestic Goddess duties yeaterday and will do my decorating today. Have fun decorating.

Georgina said...

Hey Girl, your stuff is fabulous...I love the little sugar skull, but then I would...have a few in my curio cabinet, the real deal too, however, one of them is looking pretty sad since it's really old...I suppose sugar has a time limit!! LOL

Anyway, loving your work and as for Fall decorating, haven't thought about it since it's still too hot to think's still friggin' summer!! LOL But I have my Halloween tree and other wonderful little decorations and figurines that I will put out next month.

Have a great week.


Love You To The Moon And Back said...

Diane, you really have some cute ornies. I never heard of a sugar skull so I looked it up. This link is quite interesting and would be a fun project for the grandkids. Southern Mexico used these to celebrate Day of the Dead on November 2. The colors on these little fellas are amazing. Have a great day.:)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

How sweet!!! Bernice is great. Normally, I don't like spiders - but this one is a cutie. :) And that sugar skull figure in fabulous! Enjoy your domestic goddess cuties (I did much of that yesterday and today). :)

Anonymous said...

I love all your creations!!! So so cute!!