Monday, September 26, 2011

The Autumn Witch

Delicious Autumn!

My very soul is wedded to it,

and if I were a bird

I would fly around the Earth

Seeking all the successive Autumns...
George Eliot

I had an incredibly splendid time creating this Autumn Witch for my front porch.
I have been working on my Fall decorating.. I kinda got a little bummed when my large finial and Angel was stolen, but not for long... I started digging in my arts & craft supplies and found this doll head that I acquired from the beauty college. With a little paint, crackle medium, silk fall leaves & Glitter you can make anything.
She was easy to create, just let your imagination flow. Oh, and the best part was it took 2 1/2 hours to create, most of that being drying time for the paint and crackle.
My porch will be totally non-traditional.. I am leaning for mystical, magical in a creepy spooky kinda way look...
Tomorrow, the grand-kiddlings are helping me make some bats
don't know it yet ).
If it turns out the way i hope, I will have Mr.Mac takes some pics.

Oh, and by the way...From now until Halloween i will be sleeping in the swing with my sling shot just in case the porch burglar strikes again.. I've been practicing with the hubster ;)
(just kiddin')
I am linking up for Fabulous Friday over at Faith, Trust, & a Little Pixie Dust click here!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Porch Burgler!

There is a "Porch Burglar" in the neighborhood!
Yep, I have been decorating my porch for Fall and it was looking pretty darn cute, I guess SO CUTE that someone decided they must have some of my cherished treasures.
I had a pair of ex-large finials and get this a large Angel! WHO STEALS ANGELS? Obviously someone who needs God and Angels in their life...
I guess I will be visiting the thrift stores to find me some new treasures to re-purpose for my porch.. I will be VERY Careful though, as to not make them so cute, for the porch burglar without a conscience.
Oakie Doak, enough ranting and raving..
My job hunt hasn't started.. I guess I am reluctant, maybe but for sure bright & early Monday. I did however make a list of places I would like to apply, so that is a start :)
I haven't had much time to create, but will have some time today!!! Wahooo.
I did have a little time to play on the computer with one of my past creations and make a design for a Halloween bookmark.
if you would like to copy it for yourself or give to a friend please feel free.
I like to print them off, then add a little paint, glitter, chalk. Then laminate and add a fun tassel. It makes a cute gift tied to your Halloween treat bags.

Well I will leave with saying; make sure your porch decor isn't too cute, smile a lot, and press on!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life.and accepting changes.

This IS another post without any pics..I apologize as I know if you are like me, you enjoy eye candy.
I wanted to give my readers and collectors just a little insight to why my art will be scarce, here in the very near future. This could be permanent or maybe not, but for now I need to do what is best for my family.
I will, starting bright and early tomorrow morning, and be all slicked up in my finest hand me downs, to be amongst the thousands in our country looking for a JOB!!! Oh, I know that is a scary word, not a word I wanted to ever hear again. I had hoped that my art could see me through financially, but it really is quite expensive to live on one good income in today's world.
At this time in my life i have many qualifications for jobs that require standing.. but with my bad knees and a doctors firm recommendation for me to find a sit down job, I will have to go to school as i am really not qualified for a sit down job.. So I must do both, work to bring in a little income and pay for school.
I have really have been giving myself a pep talk, trying to be positive and all that good stuff.. We must do,what we must do, accept it and move forward,right?
So for awhile, until I get a good routine going, the art may be scarce, but not gone forever :)
I have a couple items I hope to complete before my new venture begins.. I will keep you updated on those.
Thank you to all, from my heart for supporting me and my work over the years. I hope to be back soon , as I have such a love for creating.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm kicking Bernice OUT!

Yes it is true, I'm kicking Bernice out & her bags are packed!!!

I sound soooo MEAN, lol... I just have no room to store my little Spooky creations as i am trying desperately to clean & organize my studio space... oh, and it is a SCARY sight in my studio!!!

So I am offering a $5.00 off discount on Bernice & Herbie.
This discount will be taken off at purchase.
If you have more room then I do and would LOVE a New addition to your Halloween collection then click on the pic for more info :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

There's a whisper in the night wind
And a coolness in the dawn;
There's a star agleam to guide us
When October starts to yawn.
Where the prairie browns in silence,
Lonely sunsets fade and die,
Then the stars throng out in glory
To gem-light the vaulted sky,
Or the green-clad mountain valleys
Where the stillness brings deep peace-
As the moon comes out of hiding
To renew her earth-born lease.
There's a hushing in the evening
And a lateness in the dawn,
And the leaves begin to tremble
When October starts to yawn.

By Amelia V. Christeson

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Along Came A Spider!!!

And is hanging beside her...

This is Bernice & her Spider Herbie.
I finally have something to offer over at the Queens Bootique. I think I have missed the last couple of listings, ( Shame on me ).
I believe the listings update by Noon tomorrow the 15th, but just in case I am wrong, you may want to check earlier as I'm pretty sure the other Queens have some Fantastic OOAK Halloween offerings you wont want to miss out on!!!

This is my other offering for the Bootique. The theme for this month is Sugar skulls. I've never really done a sugar skull, but find them to be very eye catching.
I chose to do my sugar skull as an ornie, I guess that's not hard to believe as most of my work is
This little guy that I named " Sugar" is really quite fun. His head is a tiny gourd and his body is created from Apoxie sculpt as well as the facial features. I added a joint between his head and body, any time he is bumped or moved he busts out some serious moves, dancing away.. pretty darn cute. His arms and legs are poseable and I think he would be so cute hanging from a rear view mirror.
I would like to invite you all to fly on over to the Queens Bootique and see all the Fantastical Halloween creations! It will be a fun shopping day in the castle :)

I am taking Thursday and Friday off from creating to catch up on my domestic Goddess duties, including decorating for FALL.
Since the fall decorating is in the mix, I'm pretty darn excited about my domestic duties :)

Have you started your Fall decorating? Do you have a favorite figurine or ornament that you can hardly wait to bring out of storage?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Working under pressure!

Yep, I should be working as tomorrow is the deadline for my offerings over at the Queens Bootique. I'm looking over at my art table, and my goodies are 3/4 of the way done.. While my coffee is brewing ( I know this will be an all nighter) I thought I would ramble a little bit and let you in on my life happenings...
We had a fun weekend! it was Peach days here in our little town. A weekend filled with festivities and a carnival. I love carnivals, it is the best place, besides Walmart to do people watching.. yes, I'm a watcher.. I love to see peoples facial expressions because everyone is so unique.
We had a corn dog because they looked so dang good, and they were, but my tummy didn't think so. I think it was in shock with all the grease since i have been changing my eating habits and all...
Speaking of eating habits.. the weight is coming off ever so slowly, but I did break the 200 mark. I am now a voluptuous 199..
Sooooo to celebrate, today I treated myself to a haircut.
My niece is back in hair school and she fit me in on my whim, which was so sweet of her. She gave me the cutest haircut I think I have ever had. I LOVE IT!!! Next Monday I am scheduled for a facial :)
I am really enjoying my gran-kids living here and i notice that I have WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more patience with the grandies then i did with my own children, even when i get a candy bar thrown right smack into my eyeball.
I thought that I would have less time to do my art with the little munchkins running about, but if anything has interfered with my production it has been me using poor time management, although little Kasen does knock on my studio door every ten minutes asking me if I'm ready for a
Well by golly the coffee is done and this was my whole weekend.. A Carnival, people watching, a greasy corn dog, a fantastic haircut and a candy bar in the eyeball..
I'll be showing some pics in a day or two of the goodies i complete tonight..
Sweet dreams..........

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi there, I hope you all have had a fantastic week.
I don't have any pics to share this evening, but that isn't going to stop me from yakking.
Alan had today off, so last night we decided on the spur of the moment to head up to the campgrounds and get us spot overnight.
After being nearly pulverized by a freaking crazy dude on a 4 wheeler, by golly we found the best spot ever! Yeah! I'll tell you about the lunatic on the 4 wheeler. We were headed down from docks flat on a narrow road. I was driving and my side was the side with the 500ft drop off or cliff what ever, it scares me.. I could see a car coming in front of us so I got over as far as i could and all of a sudden this maniac on 4 wheeler races out from behind the car and tried to pass and HELLO here we are right head on in front of him. I came to a screeching halt , and that 4 wheeler barely squose in between us and the other car. I thought it was going to be bad, thank goodness it wasn't. I felt like turning the truck around and chasing him down, but I didn't because that would have been considered road
Ahhh yes, Back to the perfect spot.. well this camping spot was amazing!!! It was completely secluded with a little path that led down to a creek. I was in heaven and the dogs LOVED it.. yes even my sassy little Beverley hills chihuahua put on her big girl outfit and enjoyed herself. We are going to make a camper out her yet.
It's perfect weather right now for camping, the nights get a little nippy, but with a campfire it's perfect! Next Tuesday I am going to have the truck packed and ready to go so we can get up to the same spot in the early afternoon.. I plan on taking my art supplies with me and take advantage of the beautiful outdoors before Old man winter sets in.
I have the dog-gone cutest ghost figurine that i am working on right now, I hope to get him finished and listed on Ebay by Saturday morning . Oh...... and I almost forgot to mention.. I am also working on a SURPRISE ;)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

99 Cents!

As promised ( Thank you Sunshine ) I have the pics of my newest items for sale. This little fella, a dashing JOL rests in a Witches hat. He is available for adoption on Ebay.. Opening bid is just a mere .99 Cents !

Hooray for Yummy Candy!!! This Spider/Witch sits atop a Candy box guarding all the Yummy Candy! What a cute gift this would make for your little monsters :) Available on Ebay with a opening bid of .99 Cents or if you cant wait, there is a Buy-it-Now option :)

O my goodness! We cant forget "Snowflake " over in the Etsy Shop.. He is a darlin' little Snowman for the collectors :)

Thanks to all my friends and Collectors for your continued support of my work.
You give me the gift of doing what I love :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Halloween items & a Snowman too!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend doing what you like to do!!! Can you believe that September is already here?
This is truly my most favorite time of year.
I love to get up real early on a crispy cool Fall morning , root through the closet and put on one of my husbands cozy flannel shirts...Then it's off to my husbands sock drawer to find a big over sized pair of cozy wool hunting socks, slip them puppies over the toes & up onto the footies, next... off to the Kitchen to pour a cup of strong hot coffee with a hint of cinnamon. Now I'm ready to sit outside on the swing and soak up every little bit of the Autumn morning...Mmmmmm good!

We had several ideas of getting out of town for Labor day weekend, but instead we chose to stay home and work on some of our art. We had a great time as we always do in the studio. Alan worked on his slingshot and I managed to get a few Halloween items completed, and one little chubby Snowman.
When it was time to take the pics, my photographer (Alan)agreed that with the cloud cover it was just to darn dark in the house to take pics... Soooooo hopefully the lighting will be in our favor tomorrow :)

Until then....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I wanted to wish all my friends a Wonderful & Safe Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gordy The Ghost On Ebay!

This little fella has been keeping me busy chasing him about the house.
I think he overheard me talking about needing more exercise?

"Catch me if you can" he says, with a whole hearted grin!
I finally caught him as he was flying into the dining room, of course once he found out I was trying to catch him for a picture shoot, he was more then happy to pose.
Now the pics are taken and Gordy the Ghost is listed for adoption on Ebay... And now, I think he is upstairs flying about teasing the dogs...hmmmmmm?
If you need a little more exercise and would love a Happy go lucky Ghost to live with you, then you can visit him on Ebay!
Shipping is FREE :)