Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Fairy & more on the way & Wips

A little Fairy Bunkin blessed our home for a couple of days, keeping us running to stay one step ahead of her, for she is a mischievous little Fairy bunkin!
Though we are all tuckered out, the magic and laughter she brought with her to fill our home, is priceless!

A couple of other little Fairy bunkins are coming to stay with us for spell. So, I thought a splash of Spring Spritz on the walls would lightened & brighten the room. I sure hope they like it!

I have had so much fun entertaining a special little Fairy bunkin, and preparing for a couple of other special little Fairy bunkin's stay, that I have fallen behind on my art.
This is what I have on my work table today, and hope to finish within the next day or two.
A couple of ornaments and candy containers.
When finished they will be headed to Ebay, The Queens Bootique and Etsy...

Thanks for stopping by :)


Georgina said...

Love all your little fairy bunkins, especially the human types!! LOL

Whatever you do, just have, family, friends, fairies...just enjoy.


Zan Asha said...

Wow, you sure are attracting Fairy Bunkins! :) I hope you catch up with your art, but it looks like you've been enjoying yourself one way or another!! :)

maddyrose said...

I haven't had a fairy Bunkin visit in a long time so seeing they still exist is heartening.

Love You To The Moon And Back said...

Oh Diane how cute. Your little Bunkins are priceless. They keep you busy for sure. Looks like you are working on alot of exciting art.. Can't wait to see them finished. Give the little Bunkins a squeeze from us. Love, Peggy

Faerie Moon Creations said...

It's always magical when faeries come to visit and brighten up our days. :) Yours is a super cute one, too!