Tuesday, August 30, 2011

challenging myself...

to a lifestyle change...
Some that follow my art whether it be to see what I am up to, or to see what I have to offer for sale, probably can notice that I have slowed down with my work, when in reality I should be speeding up, as the biggest sale season is fast approaching!
Well, the truth is.. I'm just darn tired.. I have more on my plate family wise and more on my butt weight wise.. and this stinkin' heat & humidity just doesn't help, i feel like a Sloth...sigh......
After getting off my long bout of prednisone I tipped the scales at 210 ! SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! I always can expect to gain 10-15 pounds with that crap and I seem to get more & more depressed and more and more chubby.
My heck, i was never a super active person, but I did always have enough energy to pidder patter about the house non-stop, now I just want to sit on the couch or lay in bed watching all the episodes of "Hot in Cleveland" and dream of being as thin as the character "Victoria Chase" while eating Otter pops.
Well by golly about two weeks ago I had an epifany,and some huge inspiration from a few friends that have changed their lifestyles and way of eating and have lost some un-wanted pounds.
It was high time I challenged myself to change...

My mom gifted me this wonderful book exactly a year ago.
I love this book as it teaches good healthy eating. It gives you a good understanding of good and bad carbs, and is chuck full of yummy recipes using mostly what we all have in our cupboards.

I did try this way of eating a year ago and lost about 16 lbs. in one month, then I became ill again and had to take that darn prednisone. Feeling like I was going to get fat anyways, I re-lasped back to my old unhealthy eating habits of processed high fat & sugary foods.

Well no more!!! Two weeks ago I pulled that book of the shelf, and began a healthy way of eating once again.. Starting at 210 I am now down to 203lbs. I cant say that I see or feel a difference yet, as i am still sluggish.. but I am pushing myself to stay off the couch and keep moving about, and just seeing the numbers going down on the scales is inspiring me to keep going. I figure when i reach 195 I will see a difference when I look into the mirror and also will have more energy.
my goal is 145 lbs.
Oakie doak, I guess I'd better keep moving.. Alan and I are going on another mini camping trip..
I wont be having smore's but am going to grill a pear instead.

I will keep you posted as the buckets of flub comes off my bod ;)

Wishing you all the best for this week!


maddyrose said...

I wish you luck in loosing the weight and regaining energy. I'm going through a similar experience and am trying to make changes. The biggest problem I'm facing at the moment is being able to walk without terrible hip and leg pain. I'm hoping that exercise and diet will give some relief as getting younger is an impossibility. Have fun on your camping trip.

Georgina said...

YOU GO, GIRL!! I don't have an excuse, I'm fat...my waistline is now a wasteland!! I was never extremely thin, ever, but just 10 years ago, I was at 150lbs. on a 5'8" bod and wearing a size 12 very comfortably. Now, I'm 90 lbs. over that and wearing a size "blob," uncomfortably, that is, uncomfortable that I hate wearing Tents by Omar!! LOL

I will say that menopause was not kind to me even if my eating habits have always been pretty good...never much into take-out or junk food and not a sweet eater, but put on all this weight during that time of my life. I find that I'm eating less, yes, and this constant hot weather isn't helping, restricting both my physical and mental motivation.

I haven't gained any weight thus far, but I'm not losing either. So my hubby and I are going to buy a treadmill...his cardiologist strongly advised him to get moving, so it's going to be a team effort. I will go pick up that book and start on getting this weight off too. Ten years ago, it would have been for looks, now, I don't care about that, am comfortable being an old fart, but it's for health issues now...have 5 grandies I want to see graduate from high school and maybe college or even dance at their weddings!!

Thanks Dianie for your inspiration and courage...you da best!!


Gourdqueen said...

SCREAM! I am so proud of you! You can do this, I know you can.
Here is something to run through your head when you think of eating something you shouldn't.
It will take a minute to eat this food that is not good for me. The thrill will be gone and I will have ruined my diet! Was it worth it?
Have a great trip!
Luvs ya!

Lisa said...

Good for you Diane!!! I think half the battle is in the mind...you are worthy to feel good. I've always been an odd eater, loved spinach as a child. not crazy about sugar, but I understand the need for it, it's something that's almost addictive! My downfall is salt, I've weened myself away from it, to the point when I eat something I know it's too salty!
Have a great time, and relax!!!!!


idrawpix said...

Dianie, you can do this! So many of us are doing just the same thing right now! I have been getting up early and running or riding my bike before it gets too hot. Find a time that works for you everyday and commit to it. Treat yourself to the gift of health. You deserve it!!
Madame K

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I'm so sorry that you've not been well. It's terrible to feel sluggish and tired. Congrats on losing seven pounds! Dieting is never easy - especially as you get older. But you have many friends to cheer and support you. With a positive spirit and dedication, I know you will reach your goal. It may not come quickly - but never lose hope. :)