Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boo,Mouse and fun Award!

Good Tuesday morning :)
It is a beautiful morning here in my little town, following two days of huge rain storms that darkened our skies, watered our lawns and cooled us down a bit...

I hope, I can get through this post as I need a NEW mouse.
My well loved little mouse has served me well for 8 years and is ready to kick the bucket any day now. I tend to get very attached to things.. even a little mouse.

One thing I will never get attached to is big creepy spiders!!! SHIVER!!!
I went 6 years without seeing one of these buggers in my laundry room, then the other night... it was there... ONE BIG CREEPY SPIDER... ON THE WALL... IT had to be as big as a SOFTBALL!!! All I know is.. he better keep his furry butt outta my studio or he's getting home defensed!!!!

Oh my good gravy, I guess I should say Happy AUGUST to you all!!!
And with the coming of a new month, comes the update of the QUEENS BOOTIQUE!!!
My wonderful & talented Halloween artists friends have been creating fantastic art pieces for the AUGUST DEBUT of
" Death Becomes Her " Grab a cup of brew & check them out!!

My friend Marfi who owns & writes a most Magical blog
" Incipient Wings " Nominated my blog for this award.
Thank you Marfi ;) I am to list 7 things about myself, then pass the award onto 7 new recently found blogs..
Oakie doak.. here it goes....

1.I am shy
2. I LOVE Autumn
3.I am very afraid of SNAKES, SPIDERS & BEARS, OH MY!
4. I could eat spaghetti everyday for breakfast,lunch and dinner!
5. I love to watch people, especially their facial expressions.
6. I daydream often, maybe to often.. !
7. I secretly always wanted to drive a race car!

Well, there's a little tidbit about me..

I am off to get some work done in my studio while I wait for the clouds to move out to get some pics of my newest art.
Our house has been very dark, with the very dark clouds over head..no worries though, I have plenty to keep busy until then.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congrats on your blog award, Diane. It is very well deserved. :) I hate spiders, too. If I saw one like THAT in my house - you'd hear my screams in India!!! LOL Hope the furry creepy has found his way out of your house by now. Loved learning new goodies about you - I couldn't help but think of the film "Elf" about your spaghetti obsession. Hopefully, you don't pour maple syrup all over it!