Saturday, August 27, 2011

27 birthdays!

I meant to say... Birthdays on the 27Th!

Today is this handsome little guys BIRTHDAY!!!!

This pic was taken yesterday after he got all spiffed up to meet his teacher.
He starts his 1st day of school at Headstart on Tuesday!!!
He met his teacher at our house.
Alan & I stayed in our bedroom and watched Gunsmoke while Kasen, his Mommy and teacher had time to get acquainted.
It wasn't long before Kasen came tootling into our room shut the door, climbed up on our bed snuggling between me & Grandpa. I looked at him and said, "don't you want to go out and see your teacher " and Kasen replied, " She's OLD " I said, like me? Kasen looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, " YES ".... lol....

Kasen could not make up his mind about what kind of birthday cake he wanted.. he wanted The Karate Kid, Skeletons & Spider Man.. My cake decorator friend put them altogether!
The Karate kid and Spider Man are kickin' some Skellie Butt, lol. I think he will LOVE his cake, I sure do!!!

All of my grand kids are very familiar with my art, in fact they see almost every piece before they are sold. This year I started a tradition that I would make an ornie for each one the grand kids on their birthdays..
Kasen loves all of my Skellie ornies the very best, so I made this one just for him.

This Fun little gal is my niece! Today is her BIRTHDAY as well.
Kylie is full of energy and is so much fun. We spend Saturday's working on artwork, ummm and having fun, ummm and yard sailing.
Going to yard sales will probably stop though, as we have a few new artsy people that will be joining us on Art Day Saturday.

Tomorrow we will be going out to Kylie's to celebrate her Birthday... I cant wait to give her this trinket box i made especially for her, as she really wanted me to make her something with a Unicorn.
I used paper clay to sculpt the Unicorn onto the paper mache' box. I hope she likes it!

Another special person's Birthday was this past Wednesday.
She is a little girl at heart and LOVES dogs, in fact she is the best darn dog groomer that I know.. I am a little late getting her gift to her, but i think she will be d'lighted anyway.
This box was also created with paper clay atop a paper mache' box.

Well good golly, I'd best be getting my party hat on!!!!
Have a super fantastic weekend!


maddyrose said...

I'm sure your handmade gifts are always a big hit. I know I love getting something that was made for just for me. Have a great time at the party.

Love You To The Moon And Back said...

Happy Birthday Kasen! You are a handsome little boy and growing up so fast. Have fun in school !!. Happy Birthday to everyone else. The skeleton ornie is awesome and I wished I was there to try a piece of that COOL cake. The candy boxes are sweet!!! Cute idea on the ornies for the grandkiddies Birthday's. I bet the party is going to be a BLAST..Love, Peggy

Zan Asha said...

Hi Diane!!

Wow, looks like you've been super busy!! Love ALL of your art, and what a cool cake decorating friend to get your wee man a great birthday cake!

Love your great family! Enjoy the beginning of Fall!

Heather H. said...

He's a handsome boy!!! Little boys are just the sweetest!! I love the idea of making them an ornie on their birthdays!!!! If I made my kids something I would find it shoved under a bed or broken. They think my art is "weird". Oh but one day they are gonna want me to make them something!!!LOL. I love the boxes, I started two of those last year for breast cancer awareness but never finished, got the clay on and that was it maybe I will get them done this year!!! Oh and if you ever want to do any "trading" just let me know Hee hee!!!