Tuesday, August 30, 2011

challenging myself...

to a lifestyle change...
Some that follow my art whether it be to see what I am up to, or to see what I have to offer for sale, probably can notice that I have slowed down with my work, when in reality I should be speeding up, as the biggest sale season is fast approaching!
Well, the truth is.. I'm just darn tired.. I have more on my plate family wise and more on my butt weight wise.. and this stinkin' heat & humidity just doesn't help, i feel like a Sloth...sigh......
After getting off my long bout of prednisone I tipped the scales at 210 ! SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! I always can expect to gain 10-15 pounds with that crap and I seem to get more & more depressed and more and more chubby.
My heck, i was never a super active person, but I did always have enough energy to pidder patter about the house non-stop, now I just want to sit on the couch or lay in bed watching all the episodes of "Hot in Cleveland" and dream of being as thin as the character "Victoria Chase" while eating Otter pops.
Well by golly about two weeks ago I had an epifany,and some huge inspiration from a few friends that have changed their lifestyles and way of eating and have lost some un-wanted pounds.
It was high time I challenged myself to change...

My mom gifted me this wonderful book exactly a year ago.
I love this book as it teaches good healthy eating. It gives you a good understanding of good and bad carbs, and is chuck full of yummy recipes using mostly what we all have in our cupboards.

I did try this way of eating a year ago and lost about 16 lbs. in one month, then I became ill again and had to take that darn prednisone. Feeling like I was going to get fat anyways, I re-lasped back to my old unhealthy eating habits of processed high fat & sugary foods.

Well no more!!! Two weeks ago I pulled that book of the shelf, and began a healthy way of eating once again.. Starting at 210 I am now down to 203lbs. I cant say that I see or feel a difference yet, as i am still sluggish.. but I am pushing myself to stay off the couch and keep moving about, and just seeing the numbers going down on the scales is inspiring me to keep going. I figure when i reach 195 I will see a difference when I look into the mirror and also will have more energy.
my goal is 145 lbs.
Oakie doak, I guess I'd better keep moving.. Alan and I are going on another mini camping trip..
I wont be having smore's but am going to grill a pear instead.

I will keep you posted as the buckets of flub comes off my bod ;)

Wishing you all the best for this week!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

27 birthdays!

I meant to say... Birthdays on the 27Th!

Today is this handsome little guys BIRTHDAY!!!!

This pic was taken yesterday after he got all spiffed up to meet his teacher.
He starts his 1st day of school at Headstart on Tuesday!!!
He met his teacher at our house.
Alan & I stayed in our bedroom and watched Gunsmoke while Kasen, his Mommy and teacher had time to get acquainted.
It wasn't long before Kasen came tootling into our room shut the door, climbed up on our bed snuggling between me & Grandpa. I looked at him and said, "don't you want to go out and see your teacher " and Kasen replied, " She's OLD " I said, like me? Kasen looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, " YES ".... lol....

Kasen could not make up his mind about what kind of birthday cake he wanted.. he wanted The Karate Kid, Skeletons & Spider Man.. My cake decorator friend put them altogether!
The Karate kid and Spider Man are kickin' some Skellie Butt, lol. I think he will LOVE his cake, I sure do!!!

All of my grand kids are very familiar with my art, in fact they see almost every piece before they are sold. This year I started a tradition that I would make an ornie for each one the grand kids on their birthdays..
Kasen loves all of my Skellie ornies the very best, so I made this one just for him.

This Fun little gal is my niece! Today is her BIRTHDAY as well.
Kylie is full of energy and is so much fun. We spend Saturday's working on artwork, ummm and having fun, ummm and yard sailing.
Going to yard sales will probably stop though, as we have a few new artsy people that will be joining us on Art Day Saturday.

Tomorrow we will be going out to Kylie's to celebrate her Birthday... I cant wait to give her this trinket box i made especially for her, as she really wanted me to make her something with a Unicorn.
I used paper clay to sculpt the Unicorn onto the paper mache' box. I hope she likes it!

Another special person's Birthday was this past Wednesday.
She is a little girl at heart and LOVES dogs, in fact she is the best darn dog groomer that I know.. I am a little late getting her gift to her, but i think she will be d'lighted anyway.
This box was also created with paper clay atop a paper mache' box.

Well good golly, I'd best be getting my party hat on!!!!
Have a super fantastic weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Artful Bag Challenge ATC Swap !

Hello friends, it's a beautiful August morning here in Northern Utah and A perfect day to share...

First, I would like to thank Anna From Frosted Petunias for hosting the most Fun & Wonderful ARTFUL BAG ATC SWAP!
I was lucky enough to get in this swap as Anna needed a couple more little swappers...so I took the plunge.. my first ATC swap, and I surely hope to participate in more...

Anna was my very talented ATC partner, and talented she is...
I received this package in the mail Monday afternoon.. Look at the sweet little details on the package! LOVE IT!!!

What a sheer delight to my eyes when I pulled out a little package wrapped in beautiful foil papers with red scroll designs.. I wonder how Anna knew red was my favorite color?
I let out a screammmmm.... as i opened the wrapping to find this Wonderful little paper purse. I LOVE IT! I wonder how Anna knew the colors of my home?

And inside the lovely paper purse, was this Fabulous Artful Bag ATC ! I absolutely LOVE IT! The colors & design is rich and full of depth & detail.. I LOVE the carpet bag, and it fits me to a tee!

I LOVE the detail on the carpet bag, especially the pin with dangly beads... Thank You so much Anna :)

This was a very fun ATC swap and i hope to join more..
I wished I could show you the ATC I created just for Anna, but scatter brained me was so excited to package it up, and send it to Anna that I plum forgot to take pics... well, until i was in line at the Post office.. Da O !
No worries though.... You can visit Anna's blog Frosted petunias to see all of the Artful Bag Challenge ATC's from the swap!

Thanks all for stopping by, with the weekend fast approaching I'd like to wish you all a Splendid one.
I will be keeping myself out of trouble by hanging out at my grandson & niece's Birthday parties....Love to Party !!! LOL ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Zombie Zidz!

Hello my bloggy friends :) I wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate your visits and comments.. You always make my day!
Lately, I've been behind on things and haven't had the luxery that i so much enjoy to visit my friends blogs or to answer emails..So please know that I appreciate you and I will get my act together soon :)

This week I've been working feverishly in my studio on Birthday gifts for family members.. Yep, they were all born in August and the same week no less, and me being always behind schedule I'm cutting it real close..Yikes!
However, i was able in the middle of my studio madhouse to finish my newest little Zombie Kid :)
So go ahead and take a look, i hope you think she's a cutie :)
Thank you for looking and
I wish you a most SPLENDID DAY!!!

~ Zandra ~

Zandra enjoys late night shopping at the malls, creating unique styles for all of her Zombie friends hair & taking late night strolls through old graveyards with the other Zombie Kidz. She is certainly one*of*a*kind with a happy spirit, surely to make anyone around her smile.
If you would like Zandra to be a part of your family, she is available for adoption on Ebay!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I Cant Show You Yet!

So I just had to tell you what I've been up to.. I have a hard time keeping things to myself, so I will let half the cat outta the bag.. But, So sorry I cant show a pic of my WIP or then the other half of the cat would be out, then I would spoil everything!

Well first off let me start with the button from Frosted Petunias I have pictured there on my post. Well that belongs to Anna and she is having an ATC swap. Her blog is wonderful and uplifting full of magical surprises, so it is no wonder why i love to visit..
I took the plunge and participated in the swap and that is what I've been working on.. I am having SO much fun!!! On Thursday the 25th we will reveal the ATC we received from our partner and the ATC we made.. I CANT WAIT!!!!!
If you click on Anna's button it will take you to her blog, you can also grab her button for your own blog..Have fun meandering through her magical blog!
Oh, and have yourself a Wonderful Weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Deep in the haunted woods of Soldier Hollow, lives the wickedest of wicked Witches
" Ursela " Dressed in black, with her gray hair pulled back. She wanders the woods in search of little lost children for her evening snack!
Ursela bares the mark of one fortunate little child, who luckily got away from the old wicked witches wretched hold by poking her with a stick, and leaving her blind in one eye.

Ursela the wickedest of wicked witches wanders the woods of Soldier Hollow...

If you are not easily scared of wicked witches and you would like to add Ursela to your collection you can find her on Ebay!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Halloween Candy Container & A Happy Ghoul!

I love this time of year!
The early mornings are getting that cool crisp nip in the air, and I'm getting all to anxious for the Fall to arrive.
It is also time when some folks start collecting those fun & colorful candy containers to put yummy treats in for the sweet little Goblins in their lives.
I LOVE to create Candy Containers for just that purpose and i have this one just listed on Ebay!

Lots of Candy Corns will fit into this Sweet Ghostly Candy Container! If you are looking for A fun & unique collectible to hold your candy gifts, visit my ebay listings frequently as i will be adding new designs throughout the Fall season.

This Ghoul is a happy little feller as he was adopted just seconds after he was listed!
He could hardly contain himself, jumping up and down, soon getting me to join in with his happy dance of excitement!

Whew... I am pooped from all the dancing!
I finally settled the little ghoul down enough to get him ready for his journey to his new home.

Have a fantastic day :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

WITCH is your favorite...

Halloween character?
Ghosts, Goblins, monsters & more.
It is always an exciting time of year for so many Halloween fanatics, anticipating that spooky moonlit night, and what you might wear!

My favorite character since I can remember was the Witch!

When the air turned crisp, I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd be picking out my Halloween mask...

I believe my fascination with Witches began with this old gal...
Witchie poo.. She was a colorful character and I was fascinated with her from head to toe.. I would study every little detail of her witchie attire, right down to her striped stockings!

Although the fascination.. she did scare me just a little... I think it was her long crooked nose. But still she is my favorite Witch to this day!

There was no Witch that spooked me more then this famous old hag...and she still scares me to this day..lol

Three friends.. unaware of their Witchie powers they possessed..
Until this devilish character arrives into their lives...

I loved this story of the "Witches of Eastwick"

but not nearly as much as this tale, and I think many will agree... Practical Magic is magic every time you watch it !

I guess by now it is no surprise that when I create Halloween art that Witches are probably my favorite to create...
from redheaded Witches to..

Old hags with a little flare...

Whimsical & magical Witches...

and pretty lil' Witches...

and some not so obvious little Witches...

What is your favorite childhood Halloween character?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Fairy & more on the way & Wips

A little Fairy Bunkin blessed our home for a couple of days, keeping us running to stay one step ahead of her, for she is a mischievous little Fairy bunkin!
Though we are all tuckered out, the magic and laughter she brought with her to fill our home, is priceless!

A couple of other little Fairy bunkins are coming to stay with us for spell. So, I thought a splash of Spring Spritz on the walls would lightened & brighten the room. I sure hope they like it!

I have had so much fun entertaining a special little Fairy bunkin, and preparing for a couple of other special little Fairy bunkin's stay, that I have fallen behind on my art.
This is what I have on my work table today, and hope to finish within the next day or two.
A couple of ornaments and candy containers.
When finished they will be headed to Ebay, The Queens Bootique and Etsy...

Thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WIPS Complete & Ebay!

Two posts in one day??? Well gee whiz, i really didn't plan it that way..
Remember last week I showed some pics of my WIPs? I am excited to say that I did get three of them finished.

This mixed media painting is quite different to what I generally create and sell.
I have longed to create little whimsical mixed media works of art ( on the sweet side of life) and I really am tickled as to how this little 4 x 5" on canvas art piece turned out.
I will be listing her today on my Etsy and she will sell for $15.00 with free traveling fees. I am thrilled to say that this lil' Witch painting sold moments after listing . Thank you KIM :)

Now this wrinkly old spooky feller will scare the socks off the bravest of souls... yes, you will sleep with one eye open..lol...
his name is " Dee Old Devil " and is available on ebay now.. you can visit the auction by clicking on the link to the right on my sidebar.

Thanks so much for looking,
I have a couple more little creations in the works and hope to share with you soon :)

Boo,Mouse and fun Award!

Good Tuesday morning :)
It is a beautiful morning here in my little town, following two days of huge rain storms that darkened our skies, watered our lawns and cooled us down a bit...

I hope, I can get through this post as I need a NEW mouse.
My well loved little mouse has served me well for 8 years and is ready to kick the bucket any day now. I tend to get very attached to things.. even a little mouse.

One thing I will never get attached to is big creepy spiders!!! SHIVER!!!
I went 6 years without seeing one of these buggers in my laundry room, then the other night... it was there... ONE BIG CREEPY SPIDER... ON THE WALL... IT had to be as big as a SOFTBALL!!! All I know is.. he better keep his furry butt outta my studio or he's getting home defensed!!!!

Oh my good gravy, I guess I should say Happy AUGUST to you all!!!
And with the coming of a new month, comes the update of the QUEENS BOOTIQUE!!!
My wonderful & talented Halloween artists friends have been creating fantastic art pieces for the AUGUST DEBUT of
" Death Becomes Her " Grab a cup of brew & check them out!!

My friend Marfi who owns & writes a most Magical blog
" Incipient Wings " Nominated my blog for this award.
Thank you Marfi ;) I am to list 7 things about myself, then pass the award onto 7 new recently found blogs..
Oakie doak.. here it goes....

1.I am shy
2. I LOVE Autumn
3.I am very afraid of SNAKES, SPIDERS & BEARS, OH MY!
4. I could eat spaghetti everyday for breakfast,lunch and dinner!
5. I love to watch people, especially their facial expressions.
6. I daydream often, maybe to often.. !
7. I secretly always wanted to drive a race car!

Well, there's a little tidbit about me..

I am off to get some work done in my studio while I wait for the clouds to move out to get some pics of my newest art.
Our house has been very dark, with the very dark clouds over head..no worries though, I have plenty to keep busy until then.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!