Snow in Mid July?

I guess if you go high enough you will stumble upon SNOW!

An absolute beautiful camping trip....

We were surrounded by breathtaking scenery....

A pine that was uprooted by high winds... there were quite a few that we saw...

Our view from the campsite...

Cooking Bannock for our Navajo Tacos....Yum,Yum!!!

Hmmmm... What is Mr.Mac up to?

How sweet he is.... I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man..

We didn't want to leave all this peacefulness.

Thanks for stopping by, I love to have you visit :)

I usually list my ebay auctions on Sunday evenings, but due to our mini trip I am a day behind... I hope to list tomorrow evening.
I wanted to mention that I have lowered the price of my Ghostie pin that i have listed on the Queens Bootique.. They are now $3.00 w/FREE Ship!
I make each as ordered, so please allow 2 days before I ship once order is placed ;)

Wishing you all, a great and wonderful week!


Lee said…
Really enjoyed your pictures...
Your husband is sweet!
Thanks for sharing!
Oh WOW Diane, Looks like you and Alan found a peaceful hideaway for awhile. The snow up higher is CRAZY this time of year. Beautiful scenery. I have never heard of Bannock, I bet it turned out yummy. You are a very excellent cook. Love Alan's carving to. Thanks for sharing!! xoxo Hugs:) Peggy
maddyrose said…
Love the photos. It looks like you had a wonderful mini getaway. That hubby of yours is really sweet and so romantic.
Gourdqueen said…
I have been wanting to go camping. Did you sleep under the stars or did you have a tent?
I have to say we both are very lucky to have such great men in our lives.
So glad you were able to get away!
Incipient Wings said…
snow?...that's great!
what an incredibly sweet husband you have:)
Zan Asha said…
What a GREAT TRIP! I wouldn't want to leave, either. What beauty! And your husband seems like a sweetie :)
Thanks everyone for stopping by to visit and having a chance to look through the pics of our trip.

And for all the sweet comments about my hubby :) He is the love of my life and after 17 years of marriage he still gives me butterflies in my tummy when I look at him :)

Moriah Betterly said…
Snow in July sounds like my worst nightmare! lol I am not a fan of snow. Gorgeous pictures though and I think what your husband wrote in the tree was so sweet.

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