Friday, July 15, 2011

Show & Tell Friday!

This graphic of the lovely *WISH * lady is a free gift from Wendy over at Bliss Angels.

Good morning!
It's A Fantabulous Friday here in the studio.
A bit chilly willy though... I even turned on the space heater for a few minutes to take away the chilly willies ... Were toasty now!

I hope your day is everything you hoped for and more...

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit gloomy. I've had an abundance of heart wrenching sadness over the past little while, and as hard as i try to stay positive and keep my chin up.. well sometimes the pain & sadness can take over, and it did yesterday...
Un * Expectantly, my day was brightened!
I was working away in the studio and heard Queen Tessa and little Lizzy barking up a storm. Up the stairs I went to see what in the world all the fuss was... Just the is it with dogs and mailmen? They see them 6 days a week, you would think they would get used to them..
I leaned out the door with my lovely scare hair and paint stained comfy artsy courture, to get the mail.. To my surprise, there was a package addressed to my hubby & I from my sister in-law Peggy. Alan & I opened the package, with delight in our eyes and a gasp in our next breath we took out this tiny little Guitar magnet that Peggy had made for us. It is as cute as the dickens, and I love it so much. Peggy is one talented gal and creates so many wonderful ornaments and other creations. She keeps a blog where she shares about her family and art.
When i thanked Peggy for the cutest ever guitar.. she told me something that was so special about it. The wood was from the old house that Mr. Mac's and Peggy's dad was raised in,the string used was the line from thier Grandpas old fishing pole,and the white paint on the guitar by the string is the original paint. Peggy you are so creative and what a special keepsake.. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And yet, another package!
This one I was expecting as I treated myself to a piece of original art to add to my collection.

Meet " Evil Ed "
Isn't he the cutest? This whimsical & fantastic ornie was created by my friend Lisa of LLA Creations.
The first time I saw Lisa's wood carved creations, I fell in love. She is so talented and each one of her creations is so full of character!
A few months ago Lisa gifted me with some cypress knees and bass wood to do a bit 3-D carving. She is a sweetie and Lisa if you read this, i want you to know that I am making progress on the carving!!! Thank you Lisa :)

This is a sneak peek of my little nook that I am working on where I can display my collection of art from many talented artist friends.
I am still working on my living room re-do and art display area, so detailed pics will come later when the re-do is complete.
The old child's cupboard finish is original and quite dark.. I still need to paint the inside a light shade so my collection of OOAK Art will stand out :)

I don't want to be greedy but I would love to have more time in the

A few of my NEW gift/ornie tags... great to attach to your little one's Birthday gift.

They come in either pink hat or blue hat and is available here on my blog.. $1.75 each.

I missed the July 1st Queens Bootique update...Yep, I was a slacker, but luckily the Bootique is back to listing on the 1st and the 15th. Hip Hooray!!!!

" Once in a Blue Moon " is one of my offerings for the Bootique 15th update. for more details visit the The Queens castle Bootique.. I'm sorry that I don't have a specific time of when today it will be updated, but please check back, as there is truly some wonderful OOAK art from the most talented Halloween artists.

Lastly, I have to offer on the Bootique, this cute Wee Little Ghost
lapel pin. I created a mold from my original sculpt and wallah I can make many ;) They are made as ordered and shipped in two days as order is placed.
I made one for each of my grandkidlets and tucked them away until October.. I think they will love the "Wee Little Ghost".

Thanks so much for your visit!
Have a fantastic weekend :)


Georgina said...

OMG, what adorable work you do!! Love it and I love the story behind the little meaningful. I'm sorry you're having those nasty "hurt pangs," but they too shall pass. I too have them occasionally and I just have to shake them off...put on a little "Lady Gaga" or "Airosmith" in the studio and start dancing!! LOL

Have a great weekend, Dianie, and take care...keep creating...the best thing for the mind, spirit and bod!!


maddyrose said...

This was really some post. Loved seeing all of the little treasures. The guitar has such a story behind it and has special meaning for your hubby. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What a great show and tell post Diane. Everything pictured is a delight to see. The story about the wood for the gutar made me smile.

Oh my...the irony of it all. Be sure to mark your calendar with todays date and post title so you can refr back! You'll understand early next week. *wink*


Lisa said...

I think you've been pretty busy!
I also think the little ghostie pins are so cute!!!
I know the hardest part of trying to uplift ones self is not listening to any negative doubts in the back of our heads.

hugs hugs hugs,

Incipient Wings said...

what an awesome gift!!!!!
your work is out of this world!!!
and oh! that blue moon!i'm speechless!
have great weekend dear one:)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Isn't it amazing what small little instances of kindness can do for the soul? Enjoy your well-deserved goodies. Love your Blue Moon so much. And that ghostie pin is way too cute - I'd love that for Halloween. :)