Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Clay & WIP

I'm not sure if I am normal or not ?
But, I create and sell my art for food and art supplies!!! And yes, sometimes i get the two mixed up as far as PRIORITY goes..
Mr.Mac knows all to well, that if we are eating Top Ramen noodles for a week it can only be one of two things.. I either
didn't sell any art for the week, or I couldn't resist temptation and bought MORE art supplies. I admit, I am an ART ADDICT and LOVE to try new things.

When it comes to clay, I think an Artist has their favorite. It is a wonderful feeling every time you sink your fingers into the clay.. at least for me it is... My favorite clay to work with is Creative Paper clay followed closely by Apoxie Sculpt.
I was watching a local TV art show a few weeks back, and a gal was creating a little sculpture. She was using this clay called Sculpt-it. She said it was really nice to work with.
Well gee whiz..... what if..... just if, this was the best clay ever? I just had to try it!!!!! It would only cost us on day of Top ramen, lol... So I took the plunge and bought

I absolutely loved the way it felt in my hands.. It sculpted so nicely.. oh, I was in heaven..... to work with this clay was a cross between a polymer clay and paper clay..YEP, the songbirds sang LOUDLY in my head :) !

Until this...... Hmmmmm.... just a small crack, no biggy!

Hmmmmm... now this is one humdinger of a crack !

The package says "will not shrink once COMPLETELY DRY"
well, lol good gads I hope not! I would be embarrassed if one of my customers called me a year later and said the ornament shrunk??? lol... does that even make sense.. will not shrink once completely dry???
Okay... I don't mean to be knocking the product.. they were creatively saying there will be some shrinkage...and even though I have to sand my piece and fill in the cracks and so forth, it just might be a clay I will use as i loved the texture and how pleasant it was to work with.. it dries very strong.. I will say it does not sand as easy as paper clay, but your dried surface from this clay is smoother.
So, I would recommend this clay.. but remember that it does shrink a bit while drying... thin layers will result in LESS shrinkage.

That was my tidbit for the day ;)
I'm off to pack for camping!!!!
have a great weekend to all of you!


maddyrose said...

Your post tickled me as it is so me. I kid about having OCD but it's not a laughing matter. You have shown me a new product and now I must go purchase some for myself. So what if it shrinks a bit. I can deal with shrinking. If it doesn't work for my needs it can always join the other art supplies I never use.
Have fun camping. Hugs

Georgina said...

Oh no, sounds like earthen clay!! I was a ceramist, well, still am if I could find someone to fire my stuff, but regular clay does shrink and really shrink depending on the type of clay. Porcelain is the worst...shrinks lots. Back when I was in school, I made these tea glasses...long and very elegant with porcelain. Shall we say when it was fired, I ended up with elegant shot glasses!! LOL

I don't know if your familiar with David Everett of "Chicken Lips," but he does these wonderful and amusing little sculptures from paper mache and has worked with other media. I once complained on my FB page about the cracks in my paper clay sculptures and he recommended using wood putty. It worked and of course, paper clay sands really well, but perhaps you can experiment with sanding that clay or carefully apply the wood putty and really smooth it out.

I just wrote something about paper clay on my blog...disastrous stuff when living in dry, hot weather. However, I have sculpey to save the day!! LOL

As for art supplies, I think we're all a bit coo-coo for art supplies!! I went to the new Michaels that opened up down the street from me yesterday. Did I need any supplies, noooo, but did that stop me from buying some...noooo!! We just can't help's one of our little vices.

Well lady, have a great time camping. My idea of camping is the Holiday Inn...not much of an outdoor girl. As Maxine says, "I don't sleep outdoors. Snakes don't sleep in my bedroom, so I don't sleep in theirs!" LOL Have a great time.


Gourdqueen said...

Diane you "crack" me up girl!
I know the feeling of finding something new to create with.
I haven't tried anything new in so long as apoxie is just so prefect for me and my gourds.
Personally it doesn't matter what you use, your creative juices are always flowing strong and the outcome is delish!
You and Mr. Mac have a great weekend!

idrawpix said...

Diane, I think I will have to try this clay as well! Any excuse to expand my supply stash LOL!

Thanks for the peeks at your WIPs.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Love your sculptures in progress! The detail you create is amazing. Hope when they are ready, that you earn enough for food and more supplies! LOL Enjoy your camping trip!