Sunday, July 10, 2011

My creative brain has been scrambling for months on how I want to re-do my art studio... I know myself all to well, it is a one shot deal so I really, really want to get it right.. something I will enjoy and want to spend 8 + hours a day in for many years. My space is small & cozy.
Several weeks ago I ran across this pic while looking for inspiration. I instantly LOVED the idea! What a great solution to storage issues and it is so cool. I am using this concept but looking for old vintage tables or old hand made pieces of furniture.
So me,my mom and my niece hit the yard sales yesterday...
Can I just tell you that I was SO excited followed by sheer disappointment! We found oodles of old beat up hangin' by the hinge tables, but everyone wanted your left kidneys for them and how could I justify that to Mr. Mac?
Yard sale , after yard sale... I quickly became disappointed and maybe feeling a bit sorry for myself ( okay maybe a lot sorry ).... then my sandal broke, I hobbled to the last yard sale with one sandal on, one in my hand and one big pouty face, then I ran across something that made me stop in my tracks.. and SMILE ! So I bought it! What was this little object that could turn a frown upside down???

it a was a tiny fridge magnet from none other then the talented Mary Englebrieght and it said....

and so i did...

There is always next weekend :)


maddyrose said...

I love this story. It used to be you could find some wonderful deals at yard sales but the last few I went to were very disappointing. Not even a Mary Englebrieght refrigerator magnet and the prices were a laugh. Good luck with your search.

Lee said...

LOVE your idea picture. So sorry you came up empty on your may take awhile but it will happen!
BYW, I'm thinking of using your idea in miniature-will be much easier and so cute!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Incipient Wings said...

what a lovely attitude!
I'm sure you will find what you need soon.
can't wait to see it all when it's done:)

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Hi Maddy.. you are so right.. I think that people are catching on to all the talented people out there who turn trash into treasures:)

Lee.. I would LOVE to see your idea for this inspiration pic as you are SO creative :)

Hi Marfi... I'm emarrassed to say that sometimes I can be a big pouter.. but that cute little magnent sure snapped my attitude into shape LOL...

Thanks everyone for stopping by :)


Georgina said...

That's too funny!! I love your story!! When my daughter and I had a yard sale before she left for Austin. We had to practically give everything away because around these parts, people want it for free, including original art work...why I don't sell locally.

Maybe you should take a trip to El'll get some mighty good deals!! LOL

Have a good one and hope you can restore your sandal!!


Caroline said...

I've been on the lookout too for some things at flea markets etc and have come across crazy prices. I could buy something new for what some people are considering vintage when it is really just something old and trashed. Good luck on your next outing and can't wait to see what you come up with!