Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fun!

The other day when I stopped in to see Kasen & his little sis Rylie, he told me that he wanted another poster for his room.. I told Kasen he would have to earn it..
And that he did..

he helped me clean the whole house ;)
What a good little helper :)
I may have to hire him 2 days a week????

I told him to be ready on Friday, 10:00 am sharp and we would go get his poster..

He was ready 10:00 am sharp:)

We had a wonderful time... on the way home we went to the snow shack to get a nice cool yummy snow cone, we also got one for his cousin Jayda bug & went over to her house to enjoy a nice cool treat in the blustery, humid

I never ever imagined the joy a grandchild could bring into ones life..
I have 5 little blessings of joy, and cherish every second with them :)

After I dropped off my little shopping partner, my passive ride suddenly morphed into the Guerrilla Friday mobile. She had a mind of her own and was on a swift mission....

A mission to make someones day a little sweeter ;)

and a little happier...
( cute lil' ornie )

the Guerrilla mobile rested in the shady park for a just a moment before heading home...

My wish for you...
if you carry a heavy burden of sadness on your heart, may it be lifted with a bright ray of "HOPE"


Incipient Wings said...

How fun!
great you got to spend time with your little ones!
Yay! you have another wonderful Guerrilla Friday post!
what a cute cupcake ornament, It's perfect:)
Have a beautiful weekend!

Love You To The Moon And Back said...

Diane, Sounds like you had a fun time with your grandkiddies. Love your Guerrilla Friday I am sure it made someone happy. I noticed your gift tags to. They are awesome.Talent Talent Talent!!!XOXOXO Peggy

Caroline said...

Love your guerilla art!