Friday, July 1, 2011

Fantabulous Friday, show & tell

Hi there and welcome!

It's fabulous Friday :) Yep it sure is, and for many it's even more fabulous because of the long weekend!!!
I hope you have some fun plans up yer sleeve ;)

I tried to get this post up a day ago but blogger would not even let me log in... Holy Canoli that sure is a panicky feeling...thank goodness it was temporary.
I have several items over at Ebay on Auction right now, you can view them on my side bar if you like.
But this one I really wanted to share with you, and babble on about..
Might be a good time to get a cup of your fave brew...

From time to time, I create these shadow box style ornies.
I have only created them in a Halloween theme up til now.
I love the depth and scenery you can put into them.. pics never give them their do justice, you just have to hold one in person to see the Magic.
Anyhooloo, I wanted to create something light hearted and whimsical.. This is my vision of where I escape to and meditate when I'm having a grumpy day and really need to fix my attitude.
It is very bright and happy there, you will find BIG trees with fluffy cotton candy like foliage... rolling green hills and sparkling crystal blue ponds, abundant with the most beautiful gold fish you ever did see. If you find the magic yellow balloon, you can fly about this happy land..

The back is finished with lovely clay vines, then painted in beautiful colors.
" Live a Happy Heart "

I was tickled the way it turned out..I hope you like it too.
I'm already making another, and another. One is for my Granddaughters 2 birthday!

Here are a few pics of our camping trip....

Fields of Poppies welcome us into the campground.

It took my breath away...

We happened upon a campsite with the creek by us..
It was a beautiful sound...

Alan's high tech sling shot he made.. can't leave home without

He's too quick for me.. I snapped the pic just as he let go.. he has a nice target set up and hits the bulls eye every time at 55 ft.

He's making me a PINK

We were anxious to try Alan's cook stove.
He made the kids one of these along with cookware all nestled in a bag. It is so convenient, just grab the small bag and go. No messing with propane etc.
I am pleased to say that it is a wonderful, efficient little stove. Cooked our dinner lickety split.
To see how it works click here.
Every vehicle should have one :)

Queen Tessa... She is an old pro at camping and LOVES it!

This is me with my prednisone MOON face and SCARE HAIR!
Oh, and little Lizzy... Ha, her first camping adventure and she disliked every moment of it... Hmmmmm... I think, she thinks she's from Beverly Hills???

This is Mr. Mac The LOVE of MY LIFE & Best Friend. Oh, and little Liz again.. she didn't want to be put down.. Maybe the creek scared her a bit???

We listened to the creek as we fell fast asleep,

and woke up with a rejuvenated spirit :)

Thanks so much for stopping by.. and many wishes for a Fantabulous Friday!


Lee said...

Wow-the poppies look beautiful-love the red!
Your campsite sounds good that you could get away, even for a short time.
Have a wonderful weekend!

maddyrose said...

I'm not a good camper but after seeing the pics from your camping trip I must say you make it look like fun and very inviting. The field of poppies is beautiful. Enjoy your weekend.

Incipient Wings said...

oh i love the shadow boxes!!!!
so cozy and colorful!!
love the discription of the big trees and rolling hills.
i've not been camping since i was about 8 years old..this looked like so much fun though.
thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us.

you silly! you look great:)

Love You To The Moon And Back said...

Oh Diane, looked like you and Alan had a very nice and relaxing camping trip. It seems nice just to get away for a few. We will have to come down one day and have you take us to this camping spot. Looks beautiful, I can hear the stream now!! Thanks for sharing the pics with us. Love and miss you guys!!!!!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Your new work is so pretty and HAPPY! :) Great job! Thanks for sharing the photos from your camping trip. Your pups are so cute - and I love that poppy field. :) Great that you had a time to relax!