Monday, July 25, 2011

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I am taking a little break to catch up on a few things..
okay, maybe a lot of things, lol...

However, I will be listing an item or two on Ebay later this week, and a couple of items on the Bootique the 1st of August. I will get a pic onto my blog when I list them :)

I'll leave you with this yummy and cool desert from Mommy's Kitchen... KEY LIME PIE ! It is so good and will definitely make you forget about the heat, for a most heavenly minute or two ;)

Have a great week :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Surprise Gift & WIPs

"Oh my...the irony of it all. Be sure to mark your calendar with todays date and post title so you can refr back! You'll understand early next week. *wink"
This was a comment left from one of my collectors and good friend Jody,that left me puzzled, and the gears in my brain a turning...
Years ago when I first started selling my art on Ebay, Jody purchased one of my Ornaments.. It was a lil' Bee named Burtis. Over the years we have become goods friends, chit chatting over the phone & emailing from time to time.
Jody has brought great inspiration to me in my life, and well.. she is full of surprises too, as i found out on Monday.
Yep, the mail man dropped off a package that brightened my day once again. Inside the package was a sweet note from Jody and this darlin' Ornie she purchased from one of my fave artists!
Jody knew that i love Lisa's art from LLA Craetions, and she purchased this sweet ornie for me... She is so thoughtful and sweet! Thank you again Jody, I LOVE HIM!!!

I have a few things that are keeping me busy in the studio and out of trouble...
From the scariest of scary to the cutest of cute.

My hubby was recently asked, " if he sleeps with one eye open with all the spooky characters i create".. I rolled on the floor giggling when he told me this... then i asked the question.. Well do you?
He said, "Well, of Course I do " Lol...

As you can see in my wips.. i am adding some cute*ness here and there... Oh, and I like cute!

What are you working on this week? I'm sure it's magically wonderful!
Cheers to a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snow in Mid July?

I guess if you go high enough you will stumble upon SNOW!

An absolute beautiful camping trip....

We were surrounded by breathtaking scenery....

A pine that was uprooted by high winds... there were quite a few that we saw...

Our view from the campsite...

Cooking Bannock for our Navajo Tacos....Yum,Yum!!!

Hmmmm... What is Mr.Mac up to?

How sweet he is.... I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man..

We didn't want to leave all this peacefulness.

Thanks for stopping by, I love to have you visit :)

I usually list my ebay auctions on Sunday evenings, but due to our mini trip I am a day behind... I hope to list tomorrow evening.
I wanted to mention that I have lowered the price of my Ghostie pin that i have listed on the Queens Bootique.. They are now $3.00 w/FREE Ship!
I make each as ordered, so please allow 2 days before I ship once order is placed ;)

Wishing you all, a great and wonderful week!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Clay & WIP

I'm not sure if I am normal or not ?
But, I create and sell my art for food and art supplies!!! And yes, sometimes i get the two mixed up as far as PRIORITY goes..
Mr.Mac knows all to well, that if we are eating Top Ramen noodles for a week it can only be one of two things.. I either
didn't sell any art for the week, or I couldn't resist temptation and bought MORE art supplies. I admit, I am an ART ADDICT and LOVE to try new things.

When it comes to clay, I think an Artist has their favorite. It is a wonderful feeling every time you sink your fingers into the clay.. at least for me it is... My favorite clay to work with is Creative Paper clay followed closely by Apoxie Sculpt.
I was watching a local TV art show a few weeks back, and a gal was creating a little sculpture. She was using this clay called Sculpt-it. She said it was really nice to work with.
Well gee whiz..... what if..... just if, this was the best clay ever? I just had to try it!!!!! It would only cost us on day of Top ramen, lol... So I took the plunge and bought

I absolutely loved the way it felt in my hands.. It sculpted so nicely.. oh, I was in heaven..... to work with this clay was a cross between a polymer clay and paper clay..YEP, the songbirds sang LOUDLY in my head :) !

Until this...... Hmmmmm.... just a small crack, no biggy!

Hmmmmm... now this is one humdinger of a crack !

The package says "will not shrink once COMPLETELY DRY"
well, lol good gads I hope not! I would be embarrassed if one of my customers called me a year later and said the ornament shrunk??? lol... does that even make sense.. will not shrink once completely dry???
Okay... I don't mean to be knocking the product.. they were creatively saying there will be some shrinkage...and even though I have to sand my piece and fill in the cracks and so forth, it just might be a clay I will use as i loved the texture and how pleasant it was to work with.. it dries very strong.. I will say it does not sand as easy as paper clay, but your dried surface from this clay is smoother.
So, I would recommend this clay.. but remember that it does shrink a bit while drying... thin layers will result in LESS shrinkage.

That was my tidbit for the day ;)
I'm off to pack for camping!!!!
have a great weekend to all of you!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Show & Tell Friday!

This graphic of the lovely *WISH * lady is a free gift from Wendy over at Bliss Angels.

Good morning!
It's A Fantabulous Friday here in the studio.
A bit chilly willy though... I even turned on the space heater for a few minutes to take away the chilly willies ... Were toasty now!

I hope your day is everything you hoped for and more...

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit gloomy. I've had an abundance of heart wrenching sadness over the past little while, and as hard as i try to stay positive and keep my chin up.. well sometimes the pain & sadness can take over, and it did yesterday...
Un * Expectantly, my day was brightened!
I was working away in the studio and heard Queen Tessa and little Lizzy barking up a storm. Up the stairs I went to see what in the world all the fuss was... Just the is it with dogs and mailmen? They see them 6 days a week, you would think they would get used to them..
I leaned out the door with my lovely scare hair and paint stained comfy artsy courture, to get the mail.. To my surprise, there was a package addressed to my hubby & I from my sister in-law Peggy. Alan & I opened the package, with delight in our eyes and a gasp in our next breath we took out this tiny little Guitar magnet that Peggy had made for us. It is as cute as the dickens, and I love it so much. Peggy is one talented gal and creates so many wonderful ornaments and other creations. She keeps a blog where she shares about her family and art.
When i thanked Peggy for the cutest ever guitar.. she told me something that was so special about it. The wood was from the old house that Mr. Mac's and Peggy's dad was raised in,the string used was the line from thier Grandpas old fishing pole,and the white paint on the guitar by the string is the original paint. Peggy you are so creative and what a special keepsake.. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And yet, another package!
This one I was expecting as I treated myself to a piece of original art to add to my collection.

Meet " Evil Ed "
Isn't he the cutest? This whimsical & fantastic ornie was created by my friend Lisa of LLA Creations.
The first time I saw Lisa's wood carved creations, I fell in love. She is so talented and each one of her creations is so full of character!
A few months ago Lisa gifted me with some cypress knees and bass wood to do a bit 3-D carving. She is a sweetie and Lisa if you read this, i want you to know that I am making progress on the carving!!! Thank you Lisa :)

This is a sneak peek of my little nook that I am working on where I can display my collection of art from many talented artist friends.
I am still working on my living room re-do and art display area, so detailed pics will come later when the re-do is complete.
The old child's cupboard finish is original and quite dark.. I still need to paint the inside a light shade so my collection of OOAK Art will stand out :)

I don't want to be greedy but I would love to have more time in the

A few of my NEW gift/ornie tags... great to attach to your little one's Birthday gift.

They come in either pink hat or blue hat and is available here on my blog.. $1.75 each.

I missed the July 1st Queens Bootique update...Yep, I was a slacker, but luckily the Bootique is back to listing on the 1st and the 15th. Hip Hooray!!!!

" Once in a Blue Moon " is one of my offerings for the Bootique 15th update. for more details visit the The Queens castle Bootique.. I'm sorry that I don't have a specific time of when today it will be updated, but please check back, as there is truly some wonderful OOAK art from the most talented Halloween artists.

Lastly, I have to offer on the Bootique, this cute Wee Little Ghost
lapel pin. I created a mold from my original sculpt and wallah I can make many ;) They are made as ordered and shipped in two days as order is placed.
I made one for each of my grandkidlets and tucked them away until October.. I think they will love the "Wee Little Ghost".

Thanks so much for your visit!
Have a fantastic weekend :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

" Zyndee " from the Zombie kidz Collection

I have a New little Zombie Kid Ornament just listed on Ebay!

Meet " Zyndee "
She has BIG Blue eyes and a pouty little face...

Zyndee is available for adoption on Ebay.. just click the pic to visit the auction.

Update on Zyndee, I am pleased to say that she has been adopted and will be going to see her new mommy very soon.. Thank you Jody :) !!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My creative brain has been scrambling for months on how I want to re-do my art studio... I know myself all to well, it is a one shot deal so I really, really want to get it right.. something I will enjoy and want to spend 8 + hours a day in for many years. My space is small & cozy.
Several weeks ago I ran across this pic while looking for inspiration. I instantly LOVED the idea! What a great solution to storage issues and it is so cool. I am using this concept but looking for old vintage tables or old hand made pieces of furniture.
So me,my mom and my niece hit the yard sales yesterday...
Can I just tell you that I was SO excited followed by sheer disappointment! We found oodles of old beat up hangin' by the hinge tables, but everyone wanted your left kidneys for them and how could I justify that to Mr. Mac?
Yard sale , after yard sale... I quickly became disappointed and maybe feeling a bit sorry for myself ( okay maybe a lot sorry ).... then my sandal broke, I hobbled to the last yard sale with one sandal on, one in my hand and one big pouty face, then I ran across something that made me stop in my tracks.. and SMILE ! So I bought it! What was this little object that could turn a frown upside down???

it a was a tiny fridge magnet from none other then the talented Mary Englebrieght and it said....

and so i did...

There is always next weekend :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fun!

The other day when I stopped in to see Kasen & his little sis Rylie, he told me that he wanted another poster for his room.. I told Kasen he would have to earn it..
And that he did..

he helped me clean the whole house ;)
What a good little helper :)
I may have to hire him 2 days a week????

I told him to be ready on Friday, 10:00 am sharp and we would go get his poster..

He was ready 10:00 am sharp:)

We had a wonderful time... on the way home we went to the snow shack to get a nice cool yummy snow cone, we also got one for his cousin Jayda bug & went over to her house to enjoy a nice cool treat in the blustery, humid

I never ever imagined the joy a grandchild could bring into ones life..
I have 5 little blessings of joy, and cherish every second with them :)

After I dropped off my little shopping partner, my passive ride suddenly morphed into the Guerrilla Friday mobile. She had a mind of her own and was on a swift mission....

A mission to make someones day a little sweeter ;)

and a little happier...
( cute lil' ornie )

the Guerrilla mobile rested in the shady park for a just a moment before heading home...

My wish for you...
if you carry a heavy burden of sadness on your heart, may it be lifted with a bright ray of "HOPE"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Wishes Jayda Bug...

It's one of my little Fairy bunkin's birthday today!

Jayda bug.... you are growing up way to fast! But I guess that's what all sweet little Fairies do...

I wish you buckets of smiles and magic on your birthday, today!

..Happy 2nd Birthday my little Jayda bug....
Granny Diane

Saturday, July 2, 2011

HAPPY 4th !!!!

Hello friends!
I hope you are all enjoying your Holiday weekend:)

A quick note to let you know that I wont be listing any Ebay items until Wednesday evening ... Totally off my schedule, but I'm taking advantage of this Holiday weekend, then I have the great pleasure to watch my grand*kids on Tuesday ... LOVE those little stinkers :)

I am proud to be an American!
I am humbled and grateful to have the Freedom to be ME !
I owe that freedom to all the Men & Women past, present & future who have sacrificed so much for our FREEDOM!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fantabulous Friday, show & tell

Hi there and welcome!

It's fabulous Friday :) Yep it sure is, and for many it's even more fabulous because of the long weekend!!!
I hope you have some fun plans up yer sleeve ;)

I tried to get this post up a day ago but blogger would not even let me log in... Holy Canoli that sure is a panicky feeling...thank goodness it was temporary.
I have several items over at Ebay on Auction right now, you can view them on my side bar if you like.
But this one I really wanted to share with you, and babble on about..
Might be a good time to get a cup of your fave brew...

From time to time, I create these shadow box style ornies.
I have only created them in a Halloween theme up til now.
I love the depth and scenery you can put into them.. pics never give them their do justice, you just have to hold one in person to see the Magic.
Anyhooloo, I wanted to create something light hearted and whimsical.. This is my vision of where I escape to and meditate when I'm having a grumpy day and really need to fix my attitude.
It is very bright and happy there, you will find BIG trees with fluffy cotton candy like foliage... rolling green hills and sparkling crystal blue ponds, abundant with the most beautiful gold fish you ever did see. If you find the magic yellow balloon, you can fly about this happy land..

The back is finished with lovely clay vines, then painted in beautiful colors.
" Live a Happy Heart "

I was tickled the way it turned out..I hope you like it too.
I'm already making another, and another. One is for my Granddaughters 2 birthday!

Here are a few pics of our camping trip....

Fields of Poppies welcome us into the campground.

It took my breath away...

We happened upon a campsite with the creek by us..
It was a beautiful sound...

Alan's high tech sling shot he made.. can't leave home without

He's too quick for me.. I snapped the pic just as he let go.. he has a nice target set up and hits the bulls eye every time at 55 ft.

He's making me a PINK

We were anxious to try Alan's cook stove.
He made the kids one of these along with cookware all nestled in a bag. It is so convenient, just grab the small bag and go. No messing with propane etc.
I am pleased to say that it is a wonderful, efficient little stove. Cooked our dinner lickety split.
To see how it works click here.
Every vehicle should have one :)

Queen Tessa... She is an old pro at camping and LOVES it!

This is me with my prednisone MOON face and SCARE HAIR!
Oh, and little Lizzy... Ha, her first camping adventure and she disliked every moment of it... Hmmmmm... I think, she thinks she's from Beverly Hills???

This is Mr. Mac The LOVE of MY LIFE & Best Friend. Oh, and little Liz again.. she didn't want to be put down.. Maybe the creek scared her a bit???

We listened to the creek as we fell fast asleep,

and woke up with a rejuvenated spirit :)

Thanks so much for stopping by.. and many wishes for a Fantabulous Friday!