Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fun & Spagetti O's

Do you remember being young , and it was just days until school let out for Summer break ?
I could hardly stand it.. my belly would be twirling, full of butterflies just waiting to be free.. free for just a few months.. to play , run, swim , anything but arithmetic!

My golly those memories come back so quickly when I pull up to my daughter's house, and see all the kids playing in the yard, under the warm smiling sun.
I like to sit for just a moment and observe the big smiles, the laughter and the pure good fun that the youngsters are so fully partaking in..

sPaGhetTi*O CaSserRole
Speaking of kids , summer & fun.. Kids must eat right?

And most kids LOVE Spaghetti O's ?
Well, I came across this recipe over at Mommys Kitchen and I thought ...(What in the World?) this would be a fun & easy peasy recipe to feed a crowd of kid-lets. Sure beats making 9 zillion sandwiches ;)
Before I make this for my daughter and her little crowd, I thought I should try it and get the Mr. Mac stamp of approval.. because it does sound a little strange ???

Well I'm here to tell you.. this recipe is a Kidlet Krowd Keeper!!!
I served it with hot french bread and a salad.
Yummy homemade fresh fruit popscicles would be yummy??( i didnt make these.. it was an after thought).
Anyhoot, if you are as curious as I was, and want to try out this kid friendly meal click here...

Every year for the 4th of July celebration Mr. Mac and I love to put together a fun bag for the grandkids.. I will usually decorate the bags up in a fun and festive design and Mr. Mac enjoys picking out the kid friendly fireworks and goodies to put inside.
This year I have tried to stick closely to the motto " Use what you Have" so I searched the net for some fun 4th crafts to make for the grandkids.. 3 of my little angel cakes are under the age of 4..
so this cute hand streamer will be perfect! As for my 9 yr old angle cakes.. I'm still I'd better hurry the big celebration will be here before we know it!!
You can find this fun kid craft & many others over at Kaboose. click here

Wishing you all a most wonderful Sunday :)

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Incipient Wings said...

Spaghetti-o casserole? I think I'm going to have to try this out, all Helena seems to want is macaroni and cheese & chicken nuggets.
The hand streamer is so cute, I bet the children will love them.
have a great night Dianie:)